Election Games and Dirty Tricks

Will the Democrats gain control of Congress Tuesday?

Well if you haven’t yet voted (Awe come on now . . . And you are a blogger???)

Vote for your favorite Nancy Pelosi quote on the NRCC site
This one is currently in the lead at 36%:

I don’t really consider ourselves at war, Pelosi said. We’re in a struggle against terrorism throughout the world… (Newhouse News Service, 5/6/02)

Source: http://www.nrcc.org/Default.aspx

Today’s top blogging story: Republican Fake Phone Call “Scandal” or a Sinister Counter Plot by the Leftist Moveon.org and Daily Kos ???

These are often called “false-flag” harassing phone calls. They are calls that purport to be from candidate A when in fact they are from candidate B.

Lot’s of liberal ranting going on but has anyone bothered to record the calls?

Here’s the Daily Kos Plan for today

“If you have a camera, sign up to Video the Vote. If any voter suppression or election irregularity occurs, let’s make sure we have it documented.
Contact your local party to help out on election day. Are you a lawyer or a law student? Join the DNC’s National Lawyers Council. Here’s to hoping we won’t need an army of lawyers after Tuesday. “
Source: http://www.dailykos.com/

Then if you follow the Daily Kos links you will come to this from Moveon.org:

“Devote an hour at a computer
Make Calls anytime, anywhere as long as you have access to the internet and a phone. Use Moveon.org’s phone program to call voters in crucial districts all across the country. You can make one or one hundred calls, and take breaks as often as you like. Their program is user-friendly and proven to work, so get started today.
Call Voters for the Final 5 Days before Election Day!”

Source: http://pol.moveon.org/phone/volunteer/c4c.html

Found this joke at Make your own fake phone calls

Why not play the Prediction game while you still have a chance?
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