Where Were the Americans?

I come fresh from Do The Right Thing, where I saw a video that I must share with you. In this video, Tom Trento reports from beautiful downtown Fort Lauderdale Florida, where a mob of 300 hate filled Falestinians were shouting “Nuke Israel” and other messages of Islamic love, peace and tolerance.

They were opposed by a tiny showing of 50 loyal Americans with the courage to stand up for our only democratic ally in the Mid East.

There should have been thousands of Americans to stand up for peace, truth & justice; to shout down the hate spewing SandMaggots. There should be enough so that they would not need the police protection which prevented the SandMaggots from violently assaulting the Americans.

If you are a loyal, liberty loving American, and such a demonstration is held in your community, go and stand up like a man, take your friends with you, out number the demon spawn and shout them down for Chrissake!

It is high time; long overdue for Americans to wake up, wise up & rise up to defend what is right and oppose the evil in our midst. Act now, before it is too late to save our nation from enslavement to Islam.