What does Electing Obama Say to Muslims?

An Obama donor quoted as quoting Obama.

“imagine if on January 20, 2009 a guy named Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in on the US Capitol steps as the President of the United States, what that would say to the world, especially the Muslim world, about our nation.”

This was cited by NMJ, and earlier by Ben Stein at Politico.

Our national elections are intended to elect leaders, not send messages. We are not a tribe, nor do we send smoke signals. If the world infers a message from the outcome of the Nov. 4 ’08 election, it will be this.

  • The majority of the participating American electorate are ignorant, narcissist damned fools who can not discern the difference between ambiguous slogans pandering to their selfish desires and sound public policy.

The answer to the second half of the question is contained in the question itself; in the act of propounding it. Propounding that question to a group of fat cat political donors implies that electing Obama would send a positive message to Muslim aliens: that one of their own had been elected to the office of President, where he would enact policies favorable to their Jihad.

  • Obama is a closet Muslim; a stealth candidate falsely claiming to be Christian in hopes that the Christian majority will vote for him. As a Muslim, he is one of the attackers, not a defender.
  • We have elected one of the enemy to mislead us into defeat, destruction & dhimmitude.
  • Reinforcing Muslim hopes of destroying America so as to ease the process of conquering the rest of the world is a good thing.
  • As President, Obama will not mount an effective defense against Islamic conquest.
  • As President, Obama will not mount any offense against Islamic conquest.

As a consequence of the concealment of Obama’s arrogant boast before his fat cat donors, and its revelation subsequent to the election, when it can have no direct effect upon the election, it is necessary that reasonable members of the electorate; those who care about the preservation of liberty, rise up and demand that the Electoral College disqualify the Obama/Biden ticket as traitors and elect the McCain/Palin ticket in their stead.