The Feminist and The Fauxminists

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A cruel person would enjoy watching alleged feminists, hereafter referred to as fauxminists, endure prolonged spasms of apoplexy as Sarah Palin continues her march right over their illogical assertions about why she doesn’t really represent them.

The main thing separating Sarah Palin from the fauxminist ideal is that she has been able to accomplish their dream with greater success and without a shitty hairdo.

It is time for these caterwauling pro-choice maniacs to exercise their right to choose to shut the hell up.

Most galling are the comparisons between “Good Bitch Hillary” and Gov. Palin. Hint to the ladies: you might want to focus on the woman who didn’t need to let a man crap all over her to get where she is. Just sayin’.

The Wall Street Journal is the last major American newspaper that one doesn’t have to travel to Barack Obama’s backside to read. As such, while covering Sarah Palin this week the paper has offered forth that rarest of all finds in the American press: some actual journalism. Even its Opinion pieces seem more like real reporting than what we’ve seen above the fold from the major newspapers this week.

The rambling nature of my A.D.D. riddled brain doesn’t allow for me to be succinct. Here’s a paragraph from this article that explains what I have been saying for the past few days:

“Sarah Palin has put the flim-flam nature of America feminism sharply into focus, revealing the not-so-secret hypocrisy of its code and, whatever her future, this alone is an accomplishment. As she emerged into the nation’s consciousness, a shudder went through the feminist left-a political movement not restricted to females. She is a mother refusing to stay at home (good) who had made a success out in the workplace (excellent) whose marriage nevertheless is a rip-roaring success and whose views are unspeakable-those of a red-blooded, right-wing principled pragmatist.”

I could never pull off using a phrase like “flim-flam”.

As the above quote indicates, left-leaning men have subscribed to the feminist ideal for years.


It’s interesting that the McCain campaign features some female CEOs and a female VP candidate. The Democratic ticket has a couple of dudes and a vanquished token. You can see why the fauxminists are mad, can’t you?

There’s a palpable fear being exhibited by the women who have largely been treating feminism like a fashionable fetish now that a real woman has shown up and done all that they’ve wanted to do. That their first instinct is to tear her apart is very telling about just how deep their convictions are.

It is impossible to open a world of possibilities by narrowly defining what the achievement of those possibilities is. Saying “You can have whatever you want as long as you’re exactly like me…” isn’t exactly the path to a dream.

The feminist movement in America lost the largest part of its credibility when it embraced Bill and Hillary Clinton. Singularly focused on abortion, it ignored the fact that Bill was a sexual predator and celebrated Hillary acting like a spineless pushover to achieve her goals. Hillary Clinton, feminist icon, would have gotten absolutely nowhere without her husband.

Ah…there’s the rub.

Sarah Palin didn’t use her husband’s money, position or permission to get where she is.

It’s the exposition of tokenism vs. merit that has the Feminist Left up in arms. Gov. Palin earned her position without quotas or a man paving her way. She earned it by working hard and being Sarah Palin.

That doesn’t resonate with people who believe that government intervention trumps individual accomplishment.

Don’t know about you but I look forward to watching the Woman Who Has Done It go up against the Women Who Have Talked About It.