Illegal Immigration Folly?

The Michael Medved Show blog yesterday, “Simplistic Silliness on Immigration Courtesy of “Grandma,” is the typical Bush Republican mantra which amounts to what one commenter said – it’s pure “BOVINE EXCREMENT!!!”

Here are few excerpts:

“Isn’t it possible that “closing the borders” isn’t just inconvenient – but virtually impossible? . . .

“Could we really shut out all immigrants (including the more than half-a-million who enter legally each year) and block all visitors too? Does any sane individual believe that sealing off the United States from all foreigners for some period of time would help our economy or our country? Would we also make it impossible for, say, the Japanese managers and automotive engineers from Honda and Toyota to enter the country to help supervise the new production plants that employ tens of thousands of Americans? . . .

“The reason that mainstream conservatives insist on comprehensive immigration reform rather than simplistic sloganeering is their recognition of government’s limited ability to control human behavior. . .

“Meanwhile, on our side of the aisle discussion of elegantly, instantly, effortlessly “closing the border” or wondering “why we don’t stop illegal immigration, now” isn’t helpful, and amounts to childish wishful thinking. . .”

Ok, there you go Michael – hummmm… I don’t recall any sane person suggesting that we seal off the US from all foreigners – especially the “Japanese managers and automotive engineers from Honda and Toyota”! Give us a break, what kind of a nit wit are you? Or more to the point, what kind of childish and simplistic “wishful thinkers” do you thing we are?

The only limitation the US has to controlling illegal human behavior is one thing – the will to end ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION NOW! The great majority of American citizens have the will, but not our elected officials.

Let’s get to your real agenda of what you call the “mainstream conservatives.” First let me correct you. Michael, you don’t represent the mainstream. We are the mainstream conservatives and the elitist Bush Republicans, like you, have quite forgotten us. All your blather is nothing more than an attempt to cloak a globalist free trade agenda that relies on a continued supply of cheap illegal labor.

The “free trade” Bush Republicans as well as the “adopt an illegal” leftist Democrats will find out in 2008, that the collective will of the mainstream American people will not be ignored. Nothing is impossible – especially if the life of this great nation depends upon stemming the tide of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!!!