Friday Potpourri-March 30, 2007

The COMPLETELY shameful Senate bill (S.965 Report No. 110-37 Calendar No. 83), laden with PORK, assuring our troops surrender and which emboldens our enemies completely can be found here in PDF form:

It’s 157 pages long, but fully downloadable.

The Senate betrayed our troops and our country March 27, 2007.Here’s the article on the Democratic “Blue Dogs” (those that ran as “conservative” Democrats and “a group that purports to fight for fiscal responsibility and strong national security”) and how they voted on the March 23,2007 House bill (HR 1591):

The US Air imams are raising hell again, this time raising the possibility of suing the passengers who reported them. That link is here:,2933,259263,00.html

You can support the passengers (and YOUR) right to keep yourself safe from suspicious activity on an airline as well as publicity stunts such as these imams have engaged in by going here:

This column of Michelle Malkin’s tells who is helping these ordinary citizens fight these terrorists (and yes, anyone pulling such a publicity stunt in a post-9/11 world is a terrorist) as well as a “John Doe Manifesto”. Look for the Manifesto at the top of the blog! :

Well, Rosie’s at it again! At least Lorie Byrd has it right in her March 29, 2007 Townhall Column, “Rosie O’Donnell is Bad News”, linked here:

Which of course, brings me to the homosexual propaganda these days. I have MANY gay friends. My gay friends, however, know and have known since we met (some over 20 years ago), that I in NO WAY condone or approve of their lifestyle. That being said, they refrained then and have continued to refrain from “flaming” (their term, not mine) in my and my children’s presence. However, homosexuals like Rosie give gays a bad name and leave a rotten taste in the mouth of anyone confronted with homosexuality. Do I agree with gay marriage? Unequivocally, NO. Nor do I approve of gays forcing their lifestyle and agenda down my throat, and when I or anyone else (including General Pace) voice an opinion, something called “free speech” in this country, we’re hounded. TOO BAD. Call me fundamental all you like, the fact remains I, like General Pace, believe homosexual behavior is immoral. It’s in the Bible. End of story.

And for the gays that want to force their agenda on youth groups (such as the Cub/Boy Scouts) and subsequently THINK they’re ruining an institution…get over it. I was a scout leader and had I known another scout leader was gay and was attempting contact with my son or any of the boys under my care, I would have ordered my son and all the boys under my care to avoid that leader and been extremely explicit as to why. Then I would have sent letters to the parents explaining my actions. This is called protecting the children and being a responsible leader of children.

Over at moonbat central (also known as the blog), the lunatics are crawling out of the woodwork. Seems they think Congress is doing the right thing in loading up the emergency troop funding bill with pork (remember all those Democrats that ran for re-election on the platform of cutting pork out of the budget), bi-partisan cooperation (have you seen any of that yet?) and support of the troops (so much support the troops are going to have to go without the funds they need!). Then, of course, Congress goes on spring break. Guess they don’t think there IS a need for emergency funding for the troops–the only emergency is for the pork in the bills. THANK GOD BUSH IS GOING TO VETO THIS TRAVESTY!

Moonbat central is still trotting out the old chestnut, “Bush lied, our kids died”. Did anyone ever stop to think: “Democrats lie, babies die” (abortion and stem cell research)? Or, with reference to the above paragraph, “Democrats lie, troops die”? Not once have any of these moonbats admitted going to war was supported by their Democrats as well as the Republicans…it was a bi-partisan AUMF. I could go on and on. If you want a good laugh, though, go over there and sign in. FAIR WARNING, THOUGH–BE PREPARED FOR TOTAL INCOHERENCE! Here’s the link:

Also a caveat: if you do sign in, DO NOT USE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION! They are stalkers and like trying to infect your computers with nasty viruses. That’s how far they’ll go to promote their communist/socialist/fascist agenda. They will not answer questions and everytime you get them pinned to a wall, they bolt. They can’t answer because their propaganda machines don’t teach how to answer. They will attempt every diversionary tactic in the books…much like Billary. Be prepared! If you really want to toy with them, though, continue to ask them questions, hammer the questions in. Also, demand they cite their sources and question their personal integrity. Be prepared for sexual harassment, name calling, etc. And, above all, keep in mind, THIS is what our men and women in uniform are fighting and dying for–their right to spout this nonsense. And keep in mind the shameful protests across the country of filthy, unwashed protestors, thinking they live in the 60’s, burning our flag and our soldiers and our president in effigy.

That’s it for this week! Stay safe and see you soon!