Vet That, Barack

Cross posted from America Needs Me

Going out on a limb here to say that Sarah Palin may not be the yokel that the MSM Obama lackeys have been making her out to be.

There’s some small town America for ya, you effete, delusional, never-gonna-get-it socialist nimrods.

Perhaps I’m not expressing myself clearly: Madame “Just A Small Town Mayor” just laid some serious smack down on Team Obie. Hell, her daughter is a tougher guy than your average male Democrat.

What we learned:

1) After enduring concerted, relentless attacks by an unhinged faux-journalist community that’s in the bag for Barack Obama, Sarah Palin emerged poised, tough and ready to go on the attack. Worse for the Dems-she was relaxed and smiling.

2) She may not know everything there is to know about foreign policy but she’s knows plenty about fighting.

3) Sarah Palin-Feminism We Can Believe In.

4) MSNBC has plenty bad to say about it-good enough for me!

5) Experience level? With far less practice in the national spotlight, Sarah Palin gave a speech as good as any Obama has given.

6) BTW, Democrats, McCain’s service to this country does matter and is the real story.

7) Republicans talk about national security, Democrats talk about windmills.

I did a quick perusal of the cable news joints. CNN had a lot of commercials on at first then I got to see them sink to yet another new low. Carl Bernstein accelerated the “McCain is going to die in office…” rhetoric that the press has been pimping since last Friday by asking “What happens if John McCain dies between now and November 4th, will this be the nominee of the Republican party?” When are they going to get their “McCain Death Watch” graphic to put on screen for their election coverage?

MSNBC did the “Yeah, but…” thing. NBC White House Correspondent David Gregory said she benefitted from “lowered expectations”. Lowered expectations? Everyone outside of the nuthole that is NBC News said she that it was imperative for Sarah Palin kill it tonight. She’s dealt with a family crisis and stepped onto a stage only one other woman has ever seen and fucking destroyed it.

How about those biased Fox News folks? Charles Krauthammer said it was a great speech but he still doubted her national security qualifications. They’re in bed with Obama now! Or maybe…

It was a great speech. She’s a woman who didn’t have to take a humiliating ride on her husband’s coattails to get here like another prominent female from this election. Despite the demented ramblings of David Gregory, everything was in place for this evening not to go well for Sarah Palin. There were millions of Republicans in America who still weren’t sold on her so it wasn’t all “Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy” with the party for her. One little hiccup and the Obama Bitches in the MSM would have been on her before she stepped off the stage. That they had to resort to sexist “lowered expectations” crap speaks volumes.

If she can hold her own in the debate Barack Obama might want to buy a house in one of those cool places he lived while growing up.