Atheist Introduces Nativity Derangement Syndrome

(Cross-posted from America Needs Me)

Via Gateway Pundit. If these were Old Testament times there would be some serious smiting going on.

Dan Barker of the National Dipshit Society Freedom from Religion Foundation says that the Nativity scene is “hate speech” and Jesus grew up to be a “dictator”.

Let me make something clear from the beginning here: I don’t think this guy is an idiotic douchebag because he’s an atheist, I think it because he’s an idiotic douchebag. That’s a professional opinion too, kids. After a lifetime spent in the entertainment industry I’m uniquely qualified to spot IDs.

I’m a lifelong practicing Roman Catholic who doesn’t much pay attention to how others conduct themselves vis-à-vis religion because it takes such a sustained effort just to keep myself on a spiritual path. So I’m good for dealing with me and answering some questions for my kid. I don’t force my religious beliefs on anyone and I get impatient with anyone who forces theirs on me, even when they’re non-beliefs.

That’s the thing about atheist activists that most perplexes me. Why spend that much time defining yourself by what you don’t believe? Is this approach pervasive in every area of their lives?

Waiter: And what would you like to have this evening?

Atheist: I don’t like pork tenderloin or carrots and I definitely don’t want to drink any scotch. That should do.

It’s like running around and bragging about what kind of car you don’t drive. Nobody cares, idiot.

And can we please dispense with the lunacy that mere visual contact with the symbols of a religion constitutes having it forced upon the viewer? When I see a man walking down Wilshire Blvd. wearing a yarmulke (a frequent occurrence) I don’t feel that Judaism is being forced upon me. When someone rides a racing bike past me I don’t feel that’s he’s forcing me to do a triathlon.

Man up, atheists. If you don’t like Nativity scenes don’t look at them. Better yet, don’t talk about them. Even better yet, if you don’t believe in an afterlife do something to make this one better.

Don’t believe in God, fine. Just don’t run around belching up insanity with lines like “Christians stole this holiday from us.” Nowhere in America is it illegal to celebrate the Winter Solstice. We didn’t steal anything, it’s still there. You’re the ones who are too busy hatin’ on the Jesus folk to throw a proper party.

Shut up and drink, already.