How Does the UN Undermine the US?

I don’t have any cold, hard facts on this, just my personal opinion. Others are welcome to jump in with their opinions and facts, if you’ve got ’em.

It seems to me, though, the world expects the US to do all the dirty work. We’re expected to bail countries out monetarily, provide food, comfort and aid to those in need, defend those too weak and too small to fend for themselves (I’m talking countries here, like say, France). And we do it. No one has to ask us, we see it happening and we go and we do.

Why do we do it? Because as the greatest nation on earth, we are the most compassionate, most generous people on earth as well. So, we do while others sit.

And, yet….

On our own soil we are subjected to some of the nastiest filth to come out of anyone’s mouths, and this filth is spewed from alleged diplomats. Hate speech. Name calling. You name it, we’ve been called it and heard it many, many times, often from the very people and countries we’re trying to help or who have asked for our help directly. They think nothing of biting the hands that feed them.

And we let them spew their hate. Why? Because we ARE the greatest nation on earth. Because WE believe in freedom of speech. Because WE’RE bigger than they are and can shrug it off.

My personal feelings are, though, why don’t we just get rid of these guys? We don’t need any more dissension in our country, we certainly don’t need anymore aimed at us. If they want to spew their filth, let them. But not from here. And, after their nonsense, if they want to come asking us for something? Why, oh why, can’t we tell them no–not just no, but HELL NO? After stabbing us in the back with your nonsense you want us to help you now? HELL NO.

Oh, to dream….but we’re bigger than that and I know that. Still, how would we go about getting our country out of the viper’s nest? How could we get the viper’s nest out of our country?

I’m open to ideas!