Saddam’s Death Roundup: Open Trackback Weekend

Happy New Year!

Here’s a Roundup of Today’s News
HappY NeW YeaR OpenTrackback Weekend

Saddam News – Mostly they are Right!!!

The Death of a Dictator
Saddam’s last moment
Saddam executed for crimes against humanity
Saddam is dead, may he suffer in hell for all eternity
Sic Semper Tyrannis! (BUMPED)
Butcher of Baghdad Executed
The Butcher Is Dead
The NY Times mourns Saddam
Iraqi-Americans Pray for Saddam’s Death
Anyone who might have a grain of feeling for Saddam……Read This
Video Clip: Noose Placed Around Saddam’s Neck
What a journalism degree gets you
Confused Americans for Truth – An Obituary from Iraq the Model

Other News (Misc.)
Don’t Call Hitchens For My Eulogy
Join My Blogrolls (Right Wing Guy)
See You on Tuesday . . . I Hope
Classin’ The Joint Up!
Third World Country
Open Trackbacks 2006-12-30
Blogiversary Database Contest!
Nominate a Blogger for a Halo
Post-Christmas Reading List and Midweek OTP

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