We Realists Are Actually Reactionaries and islam is the Religion of Peace–NOT!

She is 54 years old and the mother of two. She went to Sudan to teach children, to give of herself. She will sit in a Khartoum prison for 15 days because of an “insult to islam”. She did manage to escape being flogged.

Her name is Gillian Gibbons. Her crime–the alleged insult? Allowing her class of 7 year olds to name a teddy bear mohammed.

However, riots broke out over this “lenient” sentence, with truckloads of people showing up to storm the cell she was kept, many brandishing machetes and demanding she be either beheaded or shot by firing squad for this “insult”.

Read the rest of this travesty in the Daily Mail here and then tell me just how peaceful islam is.

Catch the Wave!


More insanity here on our shores.

Anyone who listens to the Michael Savage show, even intermittently, is aware of the tactics being used by CAIR to intimidate his advertisers because of copyrighted material they took from Savage’s site, manipulated to suit their agenda and then began using to try to shut down Savage. Daniel Horowitz was today’s guest on Savage.

Mr. Horowitz will be filing legal papers Monday, initiating a lawsuit against CAIR for copyright and freedom of speech infringement. The legal brief can be found here at MichaelSavage.com. As a paralegal, I was very interested in how this brief was written–given the reputation of the attorney–and the beauty of the brief is incredible.

CAIR fronts itself as an advocacy group, yet we all know it’s a front for terror. And yet, these advertisers who have pulled their advertising from the Savage show have decided to throw their towels in with this terrorist group and it’s ideals and lack of morals, rather than support the American values of free speech.

Who are these advertisers? The following were appearing on CAIR’s website front page–until today, when the “meat” of the Savage lawsuit were revealed: Office Max, J.C. Penney, Citrix Systems, Trusted ID and AutoZone. They were removed from CAIR’s front page, but I found them listed at The Radio Equalizer here.

Anyone with any doubt regarding CAIR and it’s anti-American agenda can go here to Andrew Whitehead’s site–Anti-CAIR here–and find it all nicely laid out. Daniel Pipes has an excellent site as well, here.

As far as CAIR’s claim they’re an advocacy group for “moderate muslims”, don’t be fooled. Where, after all, are all those “moderate muslim” voices we’re not hearing? Particularly in defense of people being treated as less than human by the monsters overseas–as in Gillian Gibbons?

Do yourselves a favor, people–follow the links, educate yourselves in the realities of true islam as laid out here in the “Myth vs. Fact” and “Know Thine Enemy” series, and review posts such as my post entitled “Peaceful” Muslims–NOT to see pictures of so-called peaceful muslims.

Educate yourselves–please.