UJVSS Targets Anti-Islam Sentiments

The Martlett.ca, The University of Victoria’s Independent Newspaper published an article “titled UVSS Letter targets anti-Islam sentiments”, dated March 01/2009, under the byline of Kailey Willetts.

The article discusses a letter from the UVic Students’ Society to the Equity and Human Rights Office. It quotes the letter as saying that the anti-Islamic materials posted by Lorenzo Bouchard “promote discrimination and hate toward Muslims”.

The article does not explain how a cartoon depicting the IDF protecting a baby contrasted with Hamas using a baby as a shield promotes discrimination and hate. Neither does it explain how Mr. Bouchard’s petition to the World Court promotes discrimination and hate.

The posting of the cartoon & petition is described as dreating “such a hostile and hateful environment which student, staff and faculty should not be subjected to”.

Another quote:”It goes against the policies and it goes against our university culture as well. We want to have those tough discussions and tough talks, but it also nreets to be in a way that is respectful and in a way that won’t prevent others from being heard, and we feel that this material does.”

How do the cartoon and petition prevent anyone from being heard? Did Lorenzo remove any other postings? Did he muzzle anyone? Only Lorenzo’s speech is being squelched in this case.

A request was made that anyone finding potentially hateful material on campus present it to Campus Security. I wonder how many Korans will be turned in?.
Most likely, enjunctions to fight Jews & Christians until we are subjugated and extorted don’t threaten or offend anyone under University standards of hate speech.

The article reports that a Human Rights forum called “Equity and Speech–Walking the Walk and Talking the Talk” will be held Tuesday, March 10 in Room C122 of the David Strong Building from 4:30 to 5 p.m. I hope that some of our Canadian readers will see fit to join in that discussion and tell us about their experiences there.

A Martlet article dated Feb. 6 describes the one discovery and removal of the cartoon and launches into a hateful anti-Israeli screed.