Valour-IT: Good News, and A Challenge or Three

From BlackFive comes this:

Well, as you can see, there have been some changes, some very nice changes. If you go here to see the Team standings you can get the whole picture (Navy, we do have smelling salts standing by).

There are some people that have come through for both Team Army and — most of all — Project Valour-IT. They have a challenge for you, and it is best expressed by malclave:

Just sent another hundred bucks for Team Army… I’d been holding it, figuring I could help out the Coast Guard team if we met our goal soon enough.

Anyway, I was just lower enlisted stationed at a hospital in the late 80s… surely there are plenty of folks who can outdo an REMF like me, right?

Malclave and others have issued challenges. My question to you is, will you rise to the challenge, or slink away and not even give a dollar? Folks, if everyone who comes to this site in a day pitches in a dollar, it puts us roughly ten percent (okay, closer to five) towards the goal. We are only at 27 percent for the year….

Go read the rest of what Laughing Wolf has to say, here.

Valour-IT and Delta Bravo Sierra

Delta Bravo Sierra is a daily comic strip from the brain of Mr Hooah! His wife, Mrs Hooah! (Claire) has her own blog which is where you can find DBS (and I write there, too!)

Today’s strip is so wonderful, and relates to Valour-IT, so I HAD to share it with you all:

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