Open Execration to the G.O.P.

Gutless Old Party: go to Hell! It was bad enough that you abandoned principles and spent the federal treasury like a drunken sailor. It was bad enough that you nominated a pusillanimous RINO in ’08, ceding the White House to the Communists. But allowing eight anal orifices to join the ‘crats in passing Waxman-Markey is absolutely unacceptable.

I don’t care about their liberal constituencies, or their liberal seats. I can’t afford a doubled gas bill! My natural gas bill was twice my income last year! Go to Hell! I can’t afford the current prices of electricity and food; the carbon tax will increase them drastically. Go to Hell!! Waxman-Markey will prolong the recession and convert it into a depression. Go to Hell!!!

Henceforth, I will not vote for any Republican nominee for any local, state or federal office. I will support the Loyalist Party. I urge Conservatives, particularly those who are aware of the threat posed by Islamic aggression, military, legal & demographic, to turn away from the Gutless Old Party which has abandoned us and join the Loyalist Party.