The Democratic Follies

Three articles today; one from Townhall, one from NewsMax and one fron CNS News.

When one is President of the United States, it’s understood you often have to deal with difficult people. Those people don’t really care which “party” you represent; to them, you represent an entire country. These people don’t care if the media has a particular “bias” you don’t care for–if you profess to that being an issue of yours, they see it as a weakness to exploit.

As the leader of the free world, you are expected to deal with all issues that come your way, whether you like it or not. You are expected to deal with people whose ideas and idealogies you don’t agree with. And you’ll be doing it on a very public stage.

These people, who also represent countries or factions of their own, may loathe you. You have to deal with that. However, when they deal with you, they want to know they are dealing with YOU–not your puppet-master.

John Edwards has shown not once, but twice, he won’t deal with people he perceives as “different” or “having a conservative bias”, mainly Fox News. He is shown to be wearing the strings of his puppet-master, George Soros of

How are we the people to have any faith in him being President, being the leader of the free world, if he won’t even debate on a news network he perceives as too conservative? How are we to believe he’s free of his strings and will truly represent the interests of the country rather than Mr. Soros?

We can’t. He doesn’t. And, as such, he doesn’t deserve the office of President. How will he deal with the thugs, tyrants and dictators of the world if he’s afraid of conservatism? His actions show his complete cowardice. That is not good, no matter how you paint or spin it, for this country.

Here’s the Townhall article: “Brave John Edwards Ran Away”

In another item from Newsmax, Elizabeth Edwards isn’t capable of dealing with neighbors and their opposing viewpoint. While we empathize with the Edwards’ family regarding Elizabeth’s cancer, she has chosen to stay on the campaign trail, with the support of her family. Her illness doesn’t excuse such idiotic ramblings, imagined “fears” and outright prejudice she professes regarding her Orange County neighbor.

Directly across the street from their McMansion is the home of Monty Johnson. Mr. Johnson is a Republican. Mr. Johnson protected his property (albeit not the best way) by chasing people off his property while waving a gun. The Edwards’ reaction doesn’t bode well for the 2nd Amendment and leads us to extrapolate the common citizen won’t be allowed to defend his or her property, a typical democrat attitude leaning towards socialism/facism/communism and the belief we all need “nannys” to watch over us.

Mr. Johnson has a business on his property, leased as a car shop. Mr. Johnson doesn’t have hordes of landscapers and builders, so his property, bought during the Great Depression by his family and worn with time, is considered “slummy” by the Edwards’, who claim he keeps it that way on purpose to, basically “spite” them. I prefer Mr. Johnson’s response, “I have to budget. I have to leave within my means,” Johnson said. “I don’t have millions of dollars to fix the place.”

MOST of our First Lady’s (I really don’t count Billary) have a modicum of class and are not quite so transparent with their paranoia. The fact we’re seeing such prejudice and paranoia coming from Elizabeth shows what kind of First Lady she would make. It’s not a pretty picture. If her husband isn’t running from debates, she’s making polarizing/divisive/prejudicial statements about the opposing party.

Nice act guys–glad to see it materialized before you got elected.

Here’s the NewsMax Article: “John Edward’s Wife Scared by ‘Rabid Republican'”:

Our third article comes from CNS News and relates to Steny Hoyer’s (Pelosi’s lapdog) meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood–the parent organization of Hamas. This on the heels of Pelosi’s attempt to do the Secretary of State’s job in Damascus (and failing miserably, even to the point she didn’t see she was being ridiculed to her face for “mis-reading” the signs).

So, now we have the SoH dealing with Hezbollah and the House Majority Leader dealing with Hamas. But the defeatists (leftists, liberals, tree-huggers, traitors, you pick the adjective) would have us believe there’s nothing wrong with this. Maybe the only way they’ll ever learn is when we have yet another terrorist incident on US soil. Unfortunately, if they have their way, there won’t be a military to defend them and their rights to spew the filth and hate they can’t seem to contain, said liberal leanings being recently seen to be a mental illness such as Tourette’s.

Here’s the article: “Top Democrat Meets With Radical Islamists”:

Here are other articles along the same lines of Democratic Leaders meeting with terrorist organizations:

“Hamas Confirms Meeting With Group of Democrats (Leader claims U.S. party willing to hold dialogue with terrorists)”:

“Report: Hamas Ministers met With US, EU Officials”:,7340,L-3337041,00.html

And these so-called leaders don’t want us to know these things or will brush them off as “diplomacy”, something best left to appointed diplomats. Dealing with terrorists at OUR peril. Yet, half the country thinks this is okay. They call themselves Democrats.

Please explain to me why it’s “okay” to deal with terrorist states/leaders who have made it clear they want to annihilate us? Please, explain to me why these Democrats think “talking” will work with these terrorist nations against all proof to the contrary? What is it they just don’t get? Or is their arrogance too overwhelming in their minds they think all countries will bow down to them? Are they truly that delusional?

God help us all if they take over the White House in a time of war.

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