The Age of the EAGLE Has Begun…

From the Gathering of Eagles website, written by Kit Jarrell of Euphoric Reality:

The Age Of The Eagle

March 18th, 2007 Category: Uncategorized

By Kit Jarrell of Euphoric Reality

In every life there are moments that define us. They tell us in no uncertain terms who we are, what we believe in our souls, and what we are willing to die for.

For those of us who have worn the uniform of our great nation, these moments have stirred in our hearts before–often misunderstood by those who could never understand what it means to pledge your very life to protect another.

But even more rare is the moment that lets us define ourselves, that lets us show the world who we are, what we believe in our souls…and what we are still willing to die for.

March 17, 2007 will be remembered as one of those moments.

Yesterday, in the mud and the freezing cold, 30,000 Americans stood proudly and said with one voice, “This is what we will die for.”

Yesterday, a lone veteran planted his message of support for our troops in the heart of the domestic enemy and said with all his heart, “I will not be moved.”

Yesterday, a row of my brothers stood guard over a long granite list of over 58,000 reasons why my own service was peaceful.

Yesterday, we defined ourselves and our nation to the world.

We are not the swansong of a dying ideal. We are a proud remnant; we are the ones who remember all too well that the price of freedom is blood. We have seen our brothers, our fathers, our sons, and our friends come home in a box draped in color. We refuse to allow their sacrifice be in vain, or scorned by the very recipients of that sweet, precious gift.

The age of the coward and the twilight of the silent are over. The age of the eagle has begun.

Support our EAGLES–past, present and future. We owe them every last inch of freedom we have, every free breath we take in this truly great nation UNDER GOD.

Friday Potpourri

Several things that have caught my eye during the week:

Gathering of Eagles in DC tomorrow: There’s an anti-war rally in DC tomorrow and this is a grass roots effort to protect the memorials while supporting the troops and the job their doing. A rather good article from the Post Chronicle is here: and from Yahoo (didn’t stay up very long, you had to catch it quick):

Iran has been sanctioned and has decided to pull a “Saddam” in thumbing it’s collective nose at the sanctions AND Ahmadinajad has asked to speak at the UN on the day the Security council votes on a new resolution regarding those sanctions:

The Little Red Book of Wisdom hits the shelves (I heard about this book on Hugh Hewitt’s show, sounds like a GREAT read): here’s where to get it:

Of course, Hugh’s book, “A Mormon in the White House? 10 Things Every American should know about Mitt Romney”, has also hit the shelves. Again, sounds like a good read, you can get it at Amazon.

From the Twilight Zone, two Hillary quotes: “…But let me be clear, if George Bush doesn’t end this war before he leaves office…when I’m President, I will.” (Feb. 17, 2007 Press release, and “…remaining vital national security interests in Iraq” that would require a continuing deployment of American troops.” (March 14, 2007 NY Times, “Clinton Sees Some Troops Staying in Iraq if She Is Elected”,

So, the question is, WHICH IS IT? I guess she wants us to believe you really CAN have it all, even when it’s diametrically opposed.

And finally, from Bill Clinton to NY Times: Stop Picking on Hillary (awwwww her wittle feelings are hurt!)–Read about it here:

That’s about all for now…If you see anything weird, contradictory or just plain outrageous, let’s get it here for all to see!

Miss Beth