No More Border Watch – Mexico 2nd Happiest Country in the World!

The Texas Border Watch Test Site is now closed.

It’s a good bet that it won’t open again if fibbing Perry gets his way! Looks like Gov. Rick Perry is now saying that a border fence is a “preposterous” idea – exactly a month after he was re-elected by the dim wits that bought into his “stronger border” ads!!!

Read more about Perry’s about face at “So Rick yaka Govt. Good hair, created the virtual border watch. Well it was created in beta and is now closed. Supposedly to be upgraded to real world use.” Wanna bet?

Watch Borders – Star Spangled Video! Then pass it along!!!

In U.S., fear and distrust of Muslims runs deep (Ya think???)

(An excerpt from the usual Reuters Spin by By Bernd Debusmann, Special Correspondent)

Those in agreement are not a fringe minority: A Gallup poll this summer of more than 1,000 Americans showed that 39 percent were in favor of requiring Muslims in the United States, including American citizens, to carry special identification.
Roughly a quarter of those polled said they would not want to live next door to a Muslim and a third thought that Muslims in the United States sympathized with al Qaeda, the extremist group behind the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington.
A poll carried out by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an advocacy group, found that for one in three Americans, the word Islam triggers negative connotations such as “war,” “hatred” and “terrorist.” The war in Iraq has contributed to such perceptions.”

It is interesting to note that the Reuters spin doctors failed to mention anything of criticism about CAIR. They just slipped by the fact that CAIR has supported Islamic terrorist organizations!

If you want to learn more about the nefarious CAIR activities, read this post from One Country Voice!!!

Why You Can’t Have an Intelligent Conversation With Loose Bolts (Leftist Loonies)

I thought you might find this utterly contradictory argument by BC Politics amusing, if not so tragically absurd. The author, Dave Nalle, attempts to give us all some “Basic Facts on Illegal Immigration.” The correct title should be “Basic Leftist Propagandized Talking Points for Blanket Amnesty.”

Here’s an excerpt. Please, please try very hard to follow his logic. Be patient with Dave, he just a “reasonable” leftist loon!

“Undocumented immigrants aren’t necessarily the poor refuse of the world.

Mexico is hardly an impoverished nation overall. They have a higher GDP per capita and higher wages than most nations and a relatively low cost of living. The average wage is higher than anywhere else in South and Central America, including fairly prosperous nations like Brazil. Real poor people can’t afford to travel to another country to earn better wages – they’re too downtrodden. Mexicans can come here because they have the resources and skills to make it practical and worthwhile. What’s more, Mexicans like the life they have in Mexico. A peculiar survey conducted in 2004 determined that Mexico is the second ‘happiest’ country in the world in terms of how satisfied their population is with the life they have. The US ranked 15th.”

Mexico 2nd Happiest Country in the World?

Now for real enjoyment, please do go to visit the “peculiar” happiness survey conducted by the University of Michigan. Note: Mexico ranks 2nd in the list of Happiest Countries in the World. We can tell you why. They are all moving to America!!!

“The University of Michigan’s World Values Surveys (WVS) has compiled data on the happiest countries in the world for over twenty years. Their results are considered the most authoritative by happiness researchers.”

And oh by the way, have you ever met or even heard of a happiness researcher? I bet you can find them all in that very high region called “La La Land” (aka: University of Michigan).

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