Tell President Obama about Israel’s History

An email from A.J. Whitehead of Anti-Cair brought news of a campaign by the Unity Coalition for Israel to restrain President Obama from excessive pandering to Islam on his visit to Egypt. They are sending letters to President Obama, "with copies to the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, the President`s Cabinet, and to select Members of Congress and the Knesset". It is a form letter, but you can edit the introduction to personalize it. I added links to three of my blog posts. Please click this link to the letter fill in the form and send it today.

The letter cites some important history and quotes, in its entirety, a unanimous House Resolution in support of the restoration of Israel passed June 30, 1922.

The House stood up for Israel 87 years ago, taking a political risk. Can we do any less in this critical time? I urge all lovers of truth, justice and peace to take a stand against imposition of the "two state solution" by endorsing that letter.