Update: Leftists Attempt to Close Down Newspaper Forum

The president of the Texas Minutemen, Shannon McGauley, (The Official Texas Chapter of the Minuteman Project) has joined the fray in what promises to put the Wise County Messenger Forum on the radar. I’ve seen other comments posted else where that say, “These little forum incidents aren’t such big deals because they happen all the time.”

My response to that kind of thinking is that every movement starts small. Every loss of our rights, especially the freedom of speech, starts small. If we allow leftist anarchists to defame anyone, anywhere, no matter how small and insignificant the incident, we have given in to forces that will one day overwhelm us all. It’s up to us folks, you and I, to step up to the plate and to refuse to allow anyone to call people who oppose illegal immigration “racists.”

I know you’ve heard this adage a million times: “Think Globally. Act Locally”. Most of the folks reading this blog are also bloggers. We all believe that just one voice does make a difference, otherwise we wouldn’t bother blogging. But have we become so involved in the blogosphere that we’ve forgotten where we actually live?

There are quite a few folks out there on the internet who are not yet familiar with the blogosphere. They still communicate, develop friendships, and form their ideas through groups and forums. This is especially true in rural America.

Check out the forums in your own neighborhood, in your own city, and see if you can do your small part to counter the voices that are trying to destroy the fiber of this nation!

Many thanks to Spree of Wake Up America who is holding down this fort in my absence. As I’ve written before, I don’t know what I would have done without her dedication to excellence and without her expert help. I also want to welcome Debbie of Right Truth, who has joined our list of contributors. You might note that Debbie was the runner-up for the Blogger Halo Award!

For background on this update, see yesterday’s post from Spree: Fairness for All: Part #2

Yesterday’s story was also cross-posted at Right Truth, and Wake Up America.

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