Illegal Immigration, Xenophobia and Xenophily

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American citizens who are gravely concerned about the invasion of illegal aliens from every corner of the earth, about the open flaunting of our laws and the rising crime rate, about the plethora of criminal demands for “rights” such as educational perks, social services, social security benefits etc., and about the devastating effect this invasion is having on our economy and culture, have been labeled racists and Xenophobes.

In the past, the left has been fairly successful in creating an atmosphere of political correctness where only the left and their far left Marxist brethren are free to promulgate their filthy race-baiting tactics with impunity. It is in the interest of the left to stoke the fires of racial and cultural warfare in a thinly veiled attempt to win future votes by playing into the fears of the very people they hope to keep marginalized. It’s a 20th century fascist trick that has outlived its usefulness.

The real racists are those who try to divide and conquer this nation by pandering to the racial and ethnic fears of new immigrants. Instead of positively working to help immigrants assimilate and to lift up their lives, they whisper enticing words of “victimization”. The left can only survive if it keeps a large population of ready victims willing to fall for their lies.

When the left calls the great majority of American citizens Xenophobes, they don’t even know what they are saying. Xenophobia is an irrational fear of foreigners or strangers. It’s more than just dislike – it’s a phobia. A phobia is a persistent, abnormal, and irrational fear of something despite the awareness that there is nothing dangerous. Obviously, there’s nothing irrational or phobic about a nation of citizens becoming worried about a dangerous invasion of immigrants who are openly flaunting our laws!

Now Xenophilia or Xenophily is the opposite of Xenophobia. A Xenophiliac or Xenophily is someone who has an inordinate attraction to strangers and people of other lands usually to the detriment of their own welfare. The word is derived from the word Philoxenia. Philoxenia is a compound made up of two Greek words: philos, means “love” or “attraction” and xenos, means “stranger” or “foreigner.”

According to, there’s a sexual as well as a UFO connotation to the word Xenophily. I leave it to your imagination to play with this word and its implications the next time some loony leftist “loose-bolt” tries to label you a Xenophobe!

Ok – enough of these labels! Let the p.c. crowd repent once they get their fill. Remember, labels go both ways!

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