Hate-Mongers Sharpton & Jackson; Discrimination Against Whites; The First Amendment



Now, Ladies and Gentleman, why on earth would I start a post like that? Because I’ve had it.

We have three cases on the table right now that are somewhat interrelated. One is the Duke LaCrosse players vs. Rutgers’ Women’s Basketball Team. One is Rutgers’ Women’s Basketball Team vs. Don Imus. One is Don Imus and Duke LaCrosse Players.

They all have one thing in common (well, two if you want to get technical). Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Hate-Mongers supreme. Men who are allegedly men of the cloth. And the two fat, black jerk-offs have had their sausage-sized fingers in every single one of these pies, using the “race victim” card in each one. To that, I say a resounding BULLSHIT.

First off, the two assholes (who can barely speak around the food crammed in their mouths), need to learn this is AMERICA. We are entitled to free speech. If you don’t like what someone says, TOUGH. It does NOT entitle you (yes, I said “entitle”, a word often used when throwing around the “race victim” card) to demand someone else’s job. That’s number one.

Number two, you majorly incoherent, totally overfed jerkoffs, when you’re wrong in your accusations about people, PARTICULARLY WHITES, you DAMN well better learn how to squat yourself off that soapbox (you might break an ankle jumping off, although there’s no danger of that when you’re jumping on) and apologize for ruining people’s lives. You BETTER learn to practice what you PREACH with your sham “Rev.”‘s in front of your name. But then, both Jackson and Sharpton have already lost credibility with anyone who matters.

Let’s start with Al “I’m Fat as a Pig and Have to Get My Suits Tailor made” Sharp-Ima-ton.

Somewhere in the vicinity of 1987, and a then 15 year old girl named Tawana Brawley. A case tailor-made to garner headlines, complete with conspiracy theories about the police all the way up to the District Attorney.

Allegedly, Tawana Brawley was missing for 4 days and when found–in a trash bag with racial slurs and dog feces covering her body–had allegedly been kidnapped and held in the woods of upstate New York; raped, abused, and sodomized by at least 2 and possibly 6 white men, at least one of whom had a badge (a cop). She, her mother and Sharp-Ima-ton made a great show in the police station of Brawley’s “spaciness” (pretend trauma), uttering of only one word (“neon”) and inability to communicate except by writing, shoulder shrugs and, basically, grunts. Oh yeah, they also DEMANDED to be interviewed by a black officer.

The case began to unravel when Brawley and her mother ignored subpoenas to testify before the grand jury, as well as refusing to cooperate in any way with the prosecutors and police. They still have arrest warrants out for them for ignoring those subpoenas.

It was later revealed that Brawley had actually been to a party when she was allegedly kidnapped and one of the party goers saw her climb into the trash bag herself. When found, she was found to have NO signs of exposure, the rape kit was inconsistent with her story, she had recently brushed her teeth–in short, there were simply no signs of the story being true on any level of forensic investigation.

The next victim tagged by Sharp-Ima-Ton was prosecutor Steven Pagones, as the actual abductor and participator in the incident-asserting at least 33 times that Pagones had allegedly kidnapped, abused and raped Brawley. 33 TIMES they made that assertion! 33 TIMES!

Brawley refused to cooperate at all levels with police and investigators. Now, I’ve been a victim of sexual assault myself. While it was heart wrenchingly difficult to cooperate, I did so because I had to set an example for my then 5 year old daughter. I also took advantage of the free counseling offered to me. So, I think I can speak with some authority and personal reference on the actions of a rape victim. Ultimately, my criminal was sentenced to 4 consecutive life terms and is a guest of the graybar hotel in Elko, Nevada. And, oh yeah—I’m white and he was black, so I also got to listen to all the bullshit of race relations and white women putting the black man down.

Ultimately, when all the pieces were put together, it was clear Brawley had cooked up this little scheme. Her purpose? Unknown. Pagones sued Brawley as well and won a substantial judgment. Brawley and her mother hot-footed it to Virginia to avoid prosecution for ignoring the subpoenas and have yet to pay Pagones a dime of what he was awarded. Further, Sharp-Ima-ton was sued by Pagones, as were the rest of Brawley’s attorneys. Johnny Cochran (of OJ fame) and other friends and benefactors paid Sharp-Ima-ton’s court debt.

Brawley has also changed her name to Maryam Muhammad. Now THAT was an interesting tidbit I didn’t know about. She’s now posing as a muslim, probably hoping to play that card somewhere along the line.

And Sharp-Ima-ton? He refuses to apologize. He doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong. In fact, he’s quoted as saying, “…Sharpton replied that Brawley “identified Pagones. I was her spokesperson. I cannot turn around in what I said I believed.” As to the jury verdict against him, Sharpton told the New York Daily News in July 2003 that “a jury said in the Central Park jogging case … that I was wrong, and it was just overturned 13 years later. Juries can be wrong. I’ve stood by what I believe. Juries are proven wrong every day.”

As for the other attorneys involved? Let’s see–Alton H. Maddox was later disbarred for billing and abandoning clients in a series of unrelated cases.

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On to “I Can’t Be Bothered to be Coherent” Jackson.

This blight on the American behind loves to call people names himself–yet refuses to apologize for his comments, stating they were taken out of context. REALLY??? Calling New York “Hymietown” and American Jews “Hymies”–how IS that supposed to be taken? In WHAT context? Please, tell me!

Further, he denied he’d made the remark and then decided to admit it but refused to apologize for his comment; he brought in Louis Farrakhan who THREATENED the Jewish people (“…issuing a public warning to Jews, made in Jackson’s presence: “If you harm this brother [Jackson], it will be the last one you harm.”). Later, Jackson admitted guilt and sought atonement in an emotional speech. However, he never distanced himself from the threats Farrakhan made on his behalf.

I guess John Kerry got his procedural points from this Jerkoff–first deny, then refuse to apologize, then emotionally apologize (Remember the “botched joke” about get good grades or go to Iraq?).

These are my sources for this creep:

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On to Duke’s LaCrosse players.

Let’s start with Crystal Gayle Mangum. You know, the skanky ho who accused these boys, nearly started riots in the streets, played the “I’m a poor BLACK woman working my way through college” victim card, got both Jackson and Sharp-Ima-ton to be her voice, influenced 88 professors to scholastically annihilate these boys…shall I go on?

Let’s look at HER record and credibility. Hmmmmmmmm…yeah, this NAPPY HEADED HO is REAL credible!

For starters: “In 1993, when she was 14 years old, Mangum claimed to have been kidnapped by three men, driven to a house in Creedmoor, N.C., 15 miles away from Durham, and raped. She said one of the men was her boyfriend at the time, and was a physically and emotionally abusive man seven years older than she was. Creedmoor Police Chief Ted Pollard said Mangum filed a report on the incident in Aug. 18, 1996, three years after the rapes allegedly took place. The case, however, was not pursued, because the accuser backed away from the charges out of fear for her life, according to her relatives.”

On to: “On June 16, 1998, she accused her husband of taking her into a wooded area and threatening to kill her, which he has denied doing. When she failed to appear at a court hearing, the complaint was dismissed. The two separated after 17 months of marriage, and that same year, Mangum was discharged from the Navy, pregnant by a sailor she has begun a relationship with. That man would have another child with her as well, but that relationship wouldn’t last.”

Next: “In June 2002, she was arrested on a multitude of charges while working at a topless dance club called Diamond Girls. According to police, she removed a customer’s keys to his taxicab while giving him a lap dance, then stole the taxi while he was in the bathroom. Police chased her at speeds up to 70 miles per hour — frequently in the wrong lane — and when an officer tried to approach her, she barely missed running him over, and struck his patrol car instead. She tried to escape again, but a flat tire ended the second leg of her getaway. Finally in custody, she was found to have a blood-alcohol content of 0.19 (the state limit is 0.08). While being questioned, Mangum passed out and was taken to a hospital.”

“In the end, Mangum had racked up 10 charges, including driving while impaired, driving with a revoked license (her license has been suspended three times), eluding police, reckless driving, failure to heed a siren and lights, assault on an officer and larceny of a motor vehicle. In 2003, she pleaded guilty to four misdemeanors: larceny, speeding to elude arrest, assault on a government official and DWI. She served three weekends in jail, was placed on two years’ probation and paid $4,200 in restitution and court fees.”

And: “As time went on, her romantic life didn’t get more stable, either. According to reports, Mangum said she’d had sex with at least three men in the days leading up to the Duke lacrosse incident, including her boyfriend and two of the men who drove her to dancing gigs. Somewhere around this time, she again became pregnant. She gave birth to a premature girl in January 2007.”

The full article will be referenced below.

Overall, yeah, isn’t she just a shining example of a fine, upstanding, young lady who should be believed at all costs? SCREW THE VICTIM CARD–and everyone who says it’s Nifong’s fault. Nifong is a total sleaze and should be disbarred for this, but it was this NAPPY HEADED HO that started the whole thing!

She’s an opportunistic skank who needs to be locked up for HER PERJURY, at the very LEAST!

Dammit, I’M a single parent not getting child support–and I haven’t received any for 11 YEARS. Yet, I can manage to go to school, work, raise my children, manage my money, pay my bills…she gets NO sympathy from me. NONE. She’s a lazy assed HO who makes her money on her back and wants others to foot her bills. She’s obviously skilled in the art of inciting the public into near riot status…and who are the two puppets brought in to help her?

THAT’S RIGHT—JACKSON (IS he still going to pay her tuition?) and SHARP-IMA-TON.

These boys are white. They are going to college. THANK GOD their parents were able to secure counsel for them–however, they’ve been left with over $5 MILLION in legal fees. They were ostracized from their college. Their coach was fired. They were villified by 88 academics–in writing no less. And WHY? So some NAPPY HEADED HO could make something up in the hopes of getting a fat payoff.

Instead of the legal equivalent of armed robbery, the bitch needs to get a job and do what WHITES do every day–work hard at both her job and go to school, learn how to manage her money and quit coming up with get rich schemes at the expense of innocent people. Start being accountable for her actions, quit playing the “race victim” card, and GROW UP.

Maybe she should listen to Bill Cosby and Juan Williams, to quit expecting everyone else to pay for her and her life and live as an honorable person instead of a criminal. Oh, wait a minute…Cosby and Williams are considered “Uncle Tom” blacks, sell-outs, because they DARED to call a spade a spade and told them to dig themselves out of their own holes (and yes, I mean a spade is a spade).

And what about our fat reverends? Do they plan on apologizing? No, they do not. Has Oprah invited these boys onto her show? No she has not. Those “honors” are reserved for “race victims”, not TRUE victims, particularly not for true WHITE victims, victimized by NAPPY HEADED HOS and CORRUPT POLITICIANS. These boys and their families are going to have to sue to get any kind of closure on this case. However, where DO they go to get their reputations back? Chances are, though, they will forgive. Maybe not immediately, but my bets are they will.

The word “forgiveness” doesn’t seem to be in the lexicon of the dishonorable Revs. They EXPECT forgiveness and respect, yet fail to reciprocate.

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On to Imus.

I don’t listen to Imus. I generally don’t listen to shock jocks; it’s just not my thing.

I understand, though, he hurt the feelings of the Rutgers Women’s Basketball Team by calling them NAPPY HEADED HOS.


NOT, however, according to Jackson and Sharp-Ima-ton. Nor is accountability part of their vision of the American landscape.

See, I don’t think Imus was too bright saying what he said. In fact, it was a pretty stupid remark to make. However, let’s keep things in perspective. He admitted his mistake; he begged forgiveness.

It wasn’t good enough for for the TUBBY DUO. It was FINE for Jackson; however, he’s unwilling to give the same forgiveness he asked for from the American Jews. I suppose to his way of thinking, he’s the only one who should ever be forgiven.

Nope, these two pus-filled boils, wanted Imus’ job. Because it was a BLACK team and Imus is a WHITE man. Oprah’s invited the damsels onto her show. The NAPPY HEADED HOOD RATS have refused to accept Imus’ apology. BUT–they’ll take all the attention given to them and ride that ticket for as long as they can.

Again, while this wasn’t Imus’ smartest move, let’s look at a few things. LET’S LOOK AT THE IPODS AND MP3’S OF THE INJURED DAMSELS. What do they have playing? More than likely, songs by JZ, 50 Cent, whoever is the rapper of the day, talking about bitches, hos, niggas and pimps. Hmmmm. But Imus offends them.

They’ve been called niggas, hos and bitches in their neighborhoods and on courts growing up; in their music–but Imus offends them. GET FLIPPIN’ REAL!

Everything I’ve read about these women is they are very talented players, with wonderful life goals. They’ve been inspired by their coach. Why, then, are they buying into the hate proponents of Jackson and Sharp-Ima-ton? Why are they lowering themselves to the level of these clowns? Why are they buying into the hate propaganda? Why are they letting these jerks speak for them?

We also, of course, have the liberal dems jumping on this bandwagon. Barak made a very lackluster-I-Couldn’t-Care-Less sounding remark. Billary is on her way to “comfort the team”.

Granted, the team played their hearts out. They lost, and that’s ALWAYS emotionally heartwrenching when you have indeed played your best. Imus WAS out of line to make the remarks he did. But Jackson and Sharp-Ima-ton should stay the hell out of it. These are WOMEN. They should be able to shrug asshole comments like this off, particularly if they are hoping to go on to a professional career. Their hides need to “toughen up”. They can’t go running to mommy whenever someone makes an idiotic remark.

HAD these women developed coping skills along with their basketball skills, they would have learned that by not giving such an asinine comment credence, they were superior in that instance. They would have come out as shining examples of LADIES. Instead, they’re playing the “RACE VICTIM” card. What a waste. And they’re letting the prime clowns be their voiceboxes. Even more of a waste, particularly with the track record of these clowns.

I have no doubt some of these women will go on to athletic greatness. Now, if they can develop the life skills they need to go with their sport skills, they will truly be formidable. But by demanding everyone’s job who insults them, by continuing to buy into the hip-hop lifestyle, by giving in to the “RACE VICTIM” card, they’re lost. And that is truly sad.

Grow a skin, ladies. Learn to forgive as you expect to be forgiven. It will come back to haunt you when someone refuses your apology some day–and then, if you have the guts, reflect back to the day you refused Imus’ apology. You reap what you sow. You might also want to increase the class of the people you hang out with and allow to be your mouthpieces. Jackson and Sharp-Ima-ton do nothing but bring you down.

If you wish to be seen with leaders of the black community, look to blacks who are respected, such as Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice–blacks who can communicate effectively, without ebonics, and who have some class. Not hate-mongers like these two jackasses.

And, get yourselves out of the ghetto with your so-called music choices or what parades as music in the black world. The only thing that masquerade does is incite further hatred between the races and instill “double standards” as okay–y’all can call each other niggas, bitches, hos and pimps, but God help anyone else that follows your lead. Get some self respect–that crap is nothing but hate set to a beat. Otherwise, don’t get pissy because someone else applies your standards to you.

And, frankly, you’re not victims. If you want to see TRUE victims, go take a look at the train-wreck of the Duke players. Or does that not matter to you because they’re white? Their reputations are forever ruined; you simply suffered a stupid remark. Nobody died and nobody will die because of that remark (although you’ve already cost a man his job). People could have died from the possible riots perpetrated by these jackasses in their false accusations of these players. Put it in perspective–if this is the worst that’s ever said about you, you’re fortunate.

Get a clue, get a life, get real. And get some better, classier, spokesmen who are relevant instead of hypocritical jokes and hate mongers.