Stop Socialized Medicine!

Conservatives for Patients’ Rights is collecting signatures on a petition to stop the Socialized Medicine juggernaut. If you want to experience:

  • massive tax increases
  • massive premium increases
  • your insurance company going out of business
  • your employer going out of business or dropping health insurance benefits
  • nameless, faceless bureaucrats making your health care decisions
  • expanding waiting lists
  • health care rationing

then sit there and do nothing. If you want to prevent those evils, then sign this petition and urge your family, friends, & associates to sign it.

After signing the petition, visit to send emails to your Representative, Senators & President Obama. Make sure that they fully comprehend your outrage and contempt for their demagogic scheme which will certainly ruin the best health care system ever developed. Don’t just say no, say HELL NO!!! Let them know that your next vote will depend on their votes on this crucial issue.