Reject Obama!!

Why we must reject Barack Hussein Obama:

  1. Socialism: he will destroy the economy, rendering all of us impoverished.
  2. Pusillanimity: he will not effectively prosecute the war against Islam either ideologically or militarily.
  3. Treason: violated the Logan Act by attempting to interfere with negotiations with Iraq on troop withdrawal.
  4. Dishonesty: he constantly lies.
  5. Alliances: with domestic terrorists, crooks, race baiters and advocates of international terrorism.
  6. Thugocracy: intimidation tactics against his critics; even exploiting state owned computer databases for the purpose.
  7. Religion:
  1. Atheist: Liar, because he claims to be Christian.
  2. Agnostic: Liar, because he claims to be Christian.
  3. Muslim: Liar because he claims to be Christian.
  1. One of the enemy; obligated to favor Muslims against our national defense & security:
  1. homeland security
  2. Afghanistan & Iraq.
  • Christian: failed to condemn the Islamic doctrines which sanctify & mandate conquest, genocide & terrorism. As one who studied the Qur’an as a Muslim, he knows about those doctrines. He has no excuse.
  • Vote as if your liberty & prosperity depend upon it, because they do!!!