Urgent Appeal to NGOs

Dear Readers,

Reproducing blog posts written by others is not my usual habit, I usually do so only when the authors explicitly request it. I make an exception in this extremely important case because of the urgency of the issue and the short time line required for an effective response.

If you are an officer or member of any NGO which speaks out on issues of Liberty, I urge you to give careful and rapid attention to the following appeal from the International Humanist and Ethical Union. Please bring this matter to the immediate attention of the leaders of your organization and exhort them to endorse the appeal immediately.

The statement reproduced below brings two new attacks upon liberty to my attention. I intend to make contact with the author in hopes of receiving links to the documents involved so that I can make them the subject of future blog posts.

As a member of the United American Committee, Act! for America and Center for Vigilant Freedom, I exhort the leaders of those organization to add their official endorsement.

An urgent appeal to Humanist organizations: support freedom of expression, oppose “defamation of religions”

Roy Brown (1)UN Geneva

In conjunction with Freedom House, UN Watch and the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, IHEU is seeking Humanist orgnizations’ support for the statement below, urging all states to reject UN resolutions “combating defamation of religion” – a concept which has no validity in international law. The statement is self explanatory. If your organization is in agreement with the statement, please endorse it on behalf of your organization by emailing me personally at . Please indicate in your reply the full name of your organization (which does not need to be accredited to the UN).

We plan to circulate the statement early next week to delegations at the Human Rights Council, prior to the Council vote on the “defamation of religion” resolution. The deadline for replies is 4pm CET (10am EST) on Tuesday 24 March.

Do not delay! Please add your organization’s voice to this important statement in defence of human rights.

With kind regards

Roy W Brown
IHEU Main Representative, UN Geneva
Immediate Past President of IHEU

Joint NGO Statement on Danger of U.N. “Defamation of Religions” Campaign

We, the undersigned non-governmental organizations,

Deeply concerned by the pervasive and mounting campaign by the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to produce U.N. resolutions, declarations, and world conferences that propagate the concept of “defamation of religions,” a concept having no basis in domestic or international law, and which would alter the very meaning of human rights, which protect individuals from harm, but not beliefs from critical inquiry;

Deeply concerned by the attempt to misuse the U.N. to legitimize anti-blasphemy laws, thereby restricting freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and freedom of the press;

Deeply concerned that “defamation of religions” resolutions may be used in certain countries to silence and intimidate human rights activists, religious dissenters, and other independent voices;

Alarmed by the resolution on “defamation of religions” recently tabled at the current 10th session of the UN Human Rights Council;

Alarmed by the draft resolution on freedom of expression circulated by Egypt, whose amendments seek to restrict, not promote, protections for free speech;

Alarmed by the recently-announced initiative of the U.N. “Ad Hoc Committee on Complementary Standards” to amend the International Convention for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) by adding a protocol on “defamation of religions”;

Alarmed by provisions in the latest draft outcome document of the Durban Review Conference that, through coded language and veiled references, endorse and encourage these subversive and anti-democratic initiatives;

  1. Call upon all governments to oppose the “defamation of religions” resolution currently tabled at the UN Human Rights Council, and the objectionable provisions of the freedom of expression resolution;
  2. Call upon all governments to resist the efforts of the “Ad Hoc Committee on Complementary Standards” to alter the ICERD;
  3. Call upon all governments not to accept or legitimize a Durban Review Conference outcome that directly or indirectly supports the “defamation of religions” campaign at the expense of basic freedoms and individual human rights.

Initial Signatories:

View & Vote

Honest Reporting has a flash presentation about media bias against Israel’s effort to defend herself. I want you to view it by clicking this link http://www.honestreporting.com/a/breaking_point.asp and sign their petition to the media at the end.

Germanys biggest Newspaper „FAZ” is launching a survey about the conflict in
Gaza. Voters can choose between 4 statements:

1. Israel must protect her citizens against Terror – Hamas provoked Israel
2. Israel blockaded peace in the Middle East – and shall not be surprised now
3. In principle Israel is right – but the attacks on Gaza are totally
4. Situation is not clear enough to decide who is right or wrong
This newspaper is very influential in Germany. Most of politicians and managers
are reading it. So far about 11.000 people gave their vote:
1. statement: 40%
2. statement: 44%
3. statement: 7%
4. statement: 9%
We still can change the results. (Remember? Yes we can!)
Please copy this link:
and click on the first statement. And now it`s getting interesting:
forward this mail to everybody you know around the globe!
Urge your friends and family to vote!

Ok, so it is in German. Ok, I can’t read it either. My comments in Brackets [].

Das Land muss sich vor Terror schützen – und Hamas hat Israel provoziert [This is the first choice on the ballot: It says Israel must exert self defense to stop terrorism. Click it’s option button!]
Ergebnis [The word at left is the Results link. It is automatic after voting. ]
The vote link appears as a buttton on the right side of the form labeled Abstimmen. Click it after making your selection.

The vote was running 44890 71% in favor of truth & justice when I voted, it was 40% when the email was sent to me.
Click HERE to go vote.

This info was sent to me by Faultline, who obtained it from the Center For Vigilant Freedom. If you are not a member, you should join and become active.