Your Mainline Christmas Sermon: Immigration and Social Justice

In a letter to members it was pointed out by Roy Beck, Executive Director of NumbersUSA Education & Research Foundation, and recipient of the first United Methodist Communicator of the Year award as Associate Editor of the United Methodist Reporter, that many religious leaders will use their microphones and pulpits to advocate for open borders and for the “rights” of illegal immigrants, “to decry the raids and to equate illegal aliens with Mary and Joseph and their newborn babe.”

It is a shame that the religious leadership would not be standing beside us and against outlaw businesses’ efforts drive down the incomes of working-class Americans and their families. But to have so many standing on the side of the economic oppressors is truly disheartening.

I completely concur with Beck’s statements. I know well of what he speaks. I earned my Masters in Theology from a highly esteemed liberal Protestant seminary not long ago. Every attempt to indoctrinate me in the ways of socialistic-style social justice failed miserably. Fortunately, I already had a strong background in traditional Christian theology, an understanding of what it means to be an American, and enough years of experience not to be easily intimidated.

Before I entered the seminary, I was somewhat politically naive. That changed rapidly as I learned that theology and politics are intimately linked. For years mainline seminaries have functioned as the religious arm of the far left progressives. Admission of any conservative political bent is literally the kiss of death. No doubt there are many closet conservative professors who would not long survive if their personal politics were known. Students hoping for plumb assignments following ordination are well-aware of which sides their daily bread is buttered.

Just as few Americans are very much aware of the growing influence of Islamofascism on American politics, even fewer Americans are aware of the Marxist trends (born of Liberation Theology) that are fast overcoming mainline denominations and informing new ministers in mainline Protestantism! Catholics and Evangelicals are not immune to this growing trend either.

Read Roy Beck’s response printed in the liberal protestant (pro-amnesty) Christian Century Magazine.

Here’s an excerpt:

But Mr. Ufford-Chase’s approach to handling the illegal immigration problem in this country displays the huge blind-side that most mainline church national leaders have on the immigration issue by promoting the idea that illegal immigration is a victimless crime. While focusing on poor people in other countries who wish to break the law to get into this one, he ignores poor people and lower-middle-class people in this country for whom immigration laws are most clearly designed. The Supreme Court in the past has ruled that the chief reason for our immigration laws is to protect workers. Mr. Ufford-Chase does mention the issue of job displacement and quickly dismisses it. And then he brings up the issue of wage depression and speaks admiringly of Fed Chairman Greenspan’s suggestion that we should have high immigration in order to hold down wages. I frankly am amazed to see Mr. Ufford-Chase think that is a worthy aim. . .

In covering and commenting on the immigration issue, you should at the least consider that in the last public act of her illustrious life of public service, Barbara Jordan led a bi-partisan national commission that concluded that illegal immigration should be eliminated to the extent possible and that legal immigration should be dramatically reduced in numbers. The reason, Jordan said, was that the numerical level of immigration is so high that it serves as a tool of economic injustice against the most vulnerable members of our community. (bold emphasis added)

Beck gives us all some good advice. Don’t let this kind of sermon go unchallenged! Speak to your minister, or if you feel too shy to speak directly, write a short note and drop it in the offering plate or comments basket in the foyer.”

Bring it up as a discussion issue in Sunday school class!

If you are deeply concerned about illegal immigration, join NumbersUSA

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