What the Right Bloggers Are Saying

Here’s my hat-tip to some of my favorite blogs today! Listed in no particular order.

America in Danger

The Golden State Fence Company, which built part of the border fence that is used to keep illegal immigrants out of the US, has been fined almost $5 million for hiring illegal workers. Two executives may face jail time. . .

Dumb OX News

War on Christmas . . . “ELF yourself?” Go Elf Yourself. “Elf your mother.” “Elf your children.” Quote unquote on the CBS’s movie tonight for children!!! THAT is the lovely Christmas gift from OFFICE MAX and CBS. Oh, right, it’s a cute website (elfyourself.com) where you can put your picture and message on an elf-o-gram, etc. BUT, duh! There’s only one allusion intended here. Ha, ha. Hilarious. Go Elf Yourself for Christmas! Courtesy of OFFICE MAX and CBS. . . .Take Action . . .Click Here to Send an Email to CBS . . .

Our Eternal Struggle

Scotland’s first contemporary feature film in Gaelic is in post-production. The BBC has begun broadcasting live sports coverage in Gaelic. A Gaelic-only high school has opened in Glasgow. A leading Scottish politician is seeking, via Brussels, to ensure Gaelic’s place as a European language. . .

Wake Up America

Victory Over Defeat and Defeatists
The one thing I will never understand is the political need from the left and Democratic party to see this country defeated. Does it stem from their deep seated hatred of Bush and the republican party or are they incapable of seeing the United States of America win the war on terror? . . .

Coalition of the War of the War on Christmas

Talks about A new Christian video game for Christmas . . .Filed under War On Christmas Toy BoycottsBoy this is tough……what happens when secular Santa brings you a Christian video game….where your goal is to kill the secular non-believers…….

Freedom Folks

Quote of the Day – you can’t miss this one!!!

Talk Wisdom

Entertainment Industry Hostile to People of Fatih . . .The Parents Television Council revealed in a new study that religious content on television is shown less frequently and more negatively on television. The new study, “Faith in a Box 2005-2006,” is a review of how religion is portrayed on prime time broadcast television. . .

Christmas Watch

This Christmas letter to Democrats is just really too good. Go read and enjoy.

Woman Honor Thyself

The epic Second Vatican Council in the 1960s introduced many changes, the chief among them being the declaration Nostra Aetate.

Meaning: In Our Time, it officially rejected the charge of deicide, and criticized hatred, persecution, or displays of anti-Semitism directed against Jews at any time, under any circumstance and by any one. It calls out for mutual respect between Catholics and Jews. . .

Jihad Watch

Russia defies West and goes ahead with nuclear fuel sale to Iran RUSSIA is to begin supplying Iran with nuclear fuel early next year despite mounting concern in the West that this could accelerate Tehran’s plans to build a nuclear bomb . . .

Kingdom Advancing

An excellent reply to criticism of I finally went to see The Nativity Story

Gates of Vienna

The Government is Not Your Friend . . .The government is constrained by political reality, and political reality is conditioned (if not generated) by the MSM, so we are stuck with a useless government. Eventually the new media will supplant the old, and our viewpoints will become more like the norm. At that point elections might start to reflect what the majority of people really feel about Islam, multiculturalism, and illegal immigrants (a.k.a. “undocumented Democrats”). But we’ve got at least another ten years before that happens . .

My Weekly Thoughts

There are a few facts to be considered by those who think Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust Conference was a great open forum. For starters, only those who believe the Holocaust is a hoax were invited to attend. (…still think it was a fair and open debate?…

Independent Conservative

I Think NYC Police Should Protest to Demand Better Treatment
It is the police that should be protesting for better treatment. They should protest that people they ask to stop their cars actually stop them. And that people not hit cops with their cars as well. . . . I’m Black and I’ve spent time in New York City. While there and every other place I’ve been in America I can never say I left a town with the feeling I was “treated like dirt”. . . . The fact of the matter is that Black kids don’t live to see 21 because of other Black kids that kill them. . . . Now given we know who really does the killing of Blacks in NYC, why won’t Sharpton and his followers shut down shopping in Harlem (Uptown), to remind Black New Yorkers that it should not be business as usual till Blacks commit less crime? . . .