Title VI allows for anti-Semitism and anti-Christian teaching

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When the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed a provision in the act set up a fund for the teaching of minority and women’s studies at Universities and Colleges through out the United State. A good idea at the time, but what has happened is that the Middle Eastern Studies program at most of the Universities and Colleges was hijacked by Saudi Arabia and is used to promote anti-Semitic and anti-Christian ideas.

Sarah Stern, who heads EMET, a Washington, D.C.-based Endowment for Middle East Truth think-tank, says the Saudi Arabians are using their petrodollars to make major inroads into the American educational system, from elementary school and on up.

Speaking with Eve Harow on IsraelNationalRadio, Stern said the Saudis are making use of a clause in the little-known Higher Education Law called Title VI to train teachers from kindergarten through 12th grade with an anti-American, anti-Israel bent.

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Stern explained that Title VI was legislated in 1958, “in the midst of the Cold War, when it was felt that American youngsters did not know enough to deal with the Communist threat or to be successful in the global market. So they set aside a pot of money, which has now grown to something like $120 million of taxpayers’ money, to fund college campus programs for regional studies, such as African studies, Asian studies, Middle Eastern studies, etc. That was fine, but in 1978, Edward Said of Columbia University wrote his simplistic and lies-filled book Orientialism, which stated that only people from a given region can talk or write about that region. And that became the prevailing dominant trend of thought in academic circles. So that if you go into a Middle Eastern studies program as a Jew or Zionist, it is almost impossible to go through it without being constantly pounded with anti-Israel rhetoric.

But there’s even more, Stern says: “The law says you have to have teacher training seminars on campuses, and these have a radical anti-American bent. There is a place in New Mexico called Dar el Islam, a giant 1,300-acre complex that has a mosque, a medrassah [Islamic theological school], a summer camp, a teacher training workshop, and a publishing house that publishes some of the most virulent translations of the Quran, as well as the materials for their teacher-training that are used all over the country – and all stamped with the fancy blue-green-white star emblem of ARAMCO, the state-owned national oil company of Saudi Arabia. They are very very stealth – I call this the ‘soft jihad’ against America.”

“So we are raising generations of Americans who feel that Israel is a liability to US,” Stern said, “though it’s not only anti-Israel, but also anti-American… The first question on their teacher-training guide is, Why was America attacked on 9/11? And the answer is because of American support for Israel. So the Saudis, with their millions and millions of dollars, have been penetrating into think tanks, and into the penal system where very Wahabi imams come in and teach and get them to convert to extreme-Wahabi Islam. And they are hiding behind the American constitutional rights to be able to do this in America.”

Stern says her EMET think-tank is “the first one that is unabashedly pro-Israel. There are others that are allegedly pro-Israel, but they basically follow the State Department line of land-for-peace, even though this has been proven to be a colossal failure. We talk about Israel’s security as the key to US security. We’re saying that patriotic Americans should support Israel, for America’s sake; after all, we’re fighting the same war. The radical Islamists say clearly, first the Saturday people and then the Sunday people.”

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Why should American taxpayers pay for rhetoric that condemns their way of life? Why are we allowing this to happen at our Universities and Colleges, many of which are State Schools?

We have allowed the elitists in the left to take over our schools, change the way we raise our children and have forced ideas upon them that are in direct conflict with our very way of life and our morals.

We cannot allow this to go on much longer. Each day, each week, each month, each year that this teaching continues means that we will have less control over what our children learn, and the Saudis will continue to force their pedophile loving cult on each of us. We must take back that which has been stolen from us. It is time we take back our schools once and for all, and throw the liberal elites and teachers unions out!