America the Ugly

Flag at the Pentagon

Do you remember this picture? Do you remember the circumstances that led to it being draped down the building? I do remember. Hard on the heels of 9/11, Americans were united as Americans, citizens united in a common grief, and common goals.

One of the common goals, it seemed to me from where I sat outside America – a foreigner – was extending a hand to each other and working together to rebuild that great country. Beaten but unbowed, Americans stood tall, and asked “What can I do for my country? How can we as Americans help each other?” America the beautiful was shining brightly through the rubble of the terrorist acts that affected all of America. The America I know and love was a beacon of unity as her citizens determined to rebuild from the ashes of that terrible day.

No more, it seems to me. During this current election campaign, I have watched with growing disbelief from the sidelines, as the absolute worst of America has bubbled to the surface. Everybody seems to expect/accept lies and innuendos during any race for the White House, (why is that?) and this campaign has proved no different.

No different, except in one significant aspect, at least from where I sit….

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