Friday Potpourri-March 23, 2007

CLINTON/GORE WATCH!: In case anyone has forgotten Hillary’s real agenda, here’s quotes from Rush Limbaugh’s transcript of his February 2, 2007 show, shortly after the closing of the Democratic National Committee’s winter meeting. The link is here:
Quote #1: “The other day the oil companies reported the highest profits in the history of the world. I want to take those profits and I want to put them into a strategic energy fund that will begin to fund alternative, smart energy, alternative and technology that will begin to actually move us toward the direction of independence. I have to tell you, I am not running for president to put Band-Aids on our problems.” (Emphasis mine).

Quote #2: “I know a thing or two about winning campaigns. And when our party and our candidates are attacked, we have got to stand up and fight back.” (Emphasis mine).

Quote #3: “I’ve always done that, and I always will. I know how they think, how they act, and how to defeat them. And if you give me the chance, that’s exactly what we will do.” (Emphasis mine).

Quote #4: “We can make history and remake our country’s future. We can elect the first woman president; we can fix health care; we can stop global warming; we can stop the genocide in Darfur, and, yes, we can find the right end to the war in Iraq. Americans are looking for solutions. Democrats, we have them! Americans are looking for change. Democrats, we are that change. Americans are looking for unity. We can unify our country again.” (Emphasis mine).

And she made fun of Nancy Reagan’s favorite color being red? THIS woman is downright BLOODSOAKED! She had 8 years with her husband for her health care reform–it sucked then, it sucks now. Margaret Thatcher she ain’t–we may be ready for a female president, but not this female! She can’t hold a candle to Maggie! And how is she going to “fix” global warming? Take on Mother Nature? RIGHT! As for the genocide in Darfur and their political uprisings? They’ll just chop her up and put her in the stew pot…she’d run when the first gun was aimed at her. Her solutions for the GWOT? I’ve blogged in other posts about her contradictory statements there–she’s too busy chasing her tail (and she’s the ONLY one chasing her tail–Bill’s out chasing someone else) to know what she’s doing! As far as her taking “those profits”…it’s NOT HER RIGHT TO TAKE PROFITS FROM A LEGAL COMPANY BECAUSE SHE’S JEALOUS AND WANTS THE MONEY FOR HERSELF! THE COMPANY EARNED THE PROFITS, IT’S THEIRS AND THEIR STOCKHOLDERS! NOT HERS TO TAKE! Who does she think she is–Hugo Chavez?!?!?!?

From the same source, with Rush’s hat tip to Michelle Malkin, comes the following quote from our first traitor on the list, Howard Dean: “The closing prayer at the DNC winter meeting, chaired by Howard Dean, was given by an imam, whose closing line was a prayer for peace and the end to the occupation.?” (Emphasis mine; “occupation” Ms. Malkin’s). Yep, boys and girls, the same Howard Dean meeting with Hamas, as linked below.

I truly think Dean should be my first candidate for my Impeachment experiment (treason is an Impeachable offense, after all). Which brings us to:

Our first idiot this week is Howard Dean. Dean has been meeting with Hamas. Here’s the link: Meeting with member of a known terrorist organization during a time of war is indeed an act of treason. Looks like I have member number one for my personal impeachment process!

Here’s a bit of EXCELLENT news, although the Planned Parenhood slaughterhouse doesn’t think so! This little tidbit was on ABC News (Good Morning America) on Wednesday, March 21, 2007. It looks like South Carolina is currently arguing a bill that would REQUIRE a mother to be provided with her sonogram prior to having an abortion. If you don’t view the sonogram, you can’t have an abortion. Here’s the link for this story:

We may be seeing the signs of our long awaited next Ronald Reagan (or a man forged in the same fire) in Fred Thompson. For those of you not familiar with Mr. Thompson, he’s an attorney, an actor (Law and Order–the only actor to be on two different Law and Order series at the same time and to have held the same character in all five Law and Order series; primarily on Law & Order: Trial by Jury with a recurring role on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit as District Attorney Arthur Branch AND became the first serving U.S. Senator to take a regular acting role), a Republican Senator from Tennessee from December 2, 1994 – January 3, 2003; he didn’t run in 2002. Lately, he has indicated he MAY be ready to set up an exploratory committee (he hasn’t committed to that at this time). All biographical information used in this blog can be found here:

Now, why would Fred Thompson be a good president, reminiscent of Ronald Reagan? Other than the obvious link of both being actors? He is a no-nonsense, plain speaking man. He doesn’t pussy-foot around the issues and he has no problem telling it like it is and if people are offended, he doesn’t care. We need that. He also has a sense of humor. A quote at the above site was this: “After two years in Washington, I often long for the realism and sincerity of Hollywood.” We need that humor and that plain speaking once again. We need someone who will put these defeatists in their places, and do it so there is NO question who’s in charge of this country.

Further, he was one of the attorneys during the Watergate committee during trial. He’s been there, done that. He can be seen in the archival footage used in the Oliver Stone film “JFK”. It’s not a photoshop–it’s really him.

Some humor for everyone–the John Edwards “I Feel Pretty” YouTube is here:

However, while we may laugh at the video, my prayers are with the Edwards family for the news received Thursday, March 22, 2007. Mrs. Edwards has suffered a recurrence of her cancer; now, it has affected her bones. It’s incurable, but treatable. While John Edwards has often made himself a vain laughingstock, he and Mrs. Edwards have indeed suffered tragedy before, with the death of their son; now this. Truly, my prayers are with the Edwards family during this time.

There are several snarkies going around about the Edwards’ decision to continue the campaign. Several people have said John Edwards is insensitive to his wife’s needs during this time. While I’m certainly no fan of Edwards, I feel I must interject here. This decision is not for anyone else to make or comment on. The Edwards’ have been through tragedy before and have forged a strength and understanding through that tragedy. If Mrs. Edwards is feeling up to continuing the campaign and supporting her husband’s bid for the White House, it’s not up to ANYONE else to criticize that. She alone knows how she feels and what she’s “up” for, energy and healthwise. It’s obvious she and her husband are handling everything that can be handled in a priority fashion, while trying to continue their lives. I personally prefer to work through my tragedies. In my opinion, it sounds as if the Edwards’, prior to making this announcement, took the time to discuss this issue privately and came to a decision together. It’s up to us to respect their decision for their lives.

So, regardless of your personal feelings towards John Edwards, at least be “big” enough to grant he and his wife the right to conduct their lives in this matter in the way THEY best see fit.

GOOD FOR PRESIDENT BUSH! It’s about time our CIC started fighting back against the defeatists. He’s vowed to veto the bill passed in the House today (by a 6 vote, very narrow margin). He’s also stood firm on the Alberto Gonzalez non-scandal.

Once again, the defeatist traitors are wasting taxpayer money, trying to push pork through to achieve their defeat of our troops and country. And, did you know, all 14 of the freshman democrats, all who ran as “Blue Dog” (Conservative) Democrats voted for this travesty? Every last one, and that includes Arizona Freshman Rep. Gabrielle Giffords as well as Arizona’s own Pancho Villa, Raul Grijalva. And no, calling him Pancho Villa IS NOT a compliment!

That’s all for now…hopefully, there’ll be more interesting news during the week!