San Francisco Priest Tells nancy pelosi she is PRO-DEATH

This article is directly from Spree at Wake Up America here.

I am a practicing Catholic, and me and my family have been participating in Tridentine Masses for approximately 3 years now. It shames me to call pelosi, kerry, kennedy, etc. fellow Catholics, particularly with their shameless pandering to their own aggrandizement rather than following their inculcated moral teachings.

For myself and my own conscience and soul (yes, I believe in those old fashioned “things”), I examine my conscience nightly; I read my Bible daily (those that know me personally know I’m going through a particularly trying time with my children and the Bible above all else brings clarity and comfort); and I generally participate in the old-fashioned notion of Sacramental Confession. I do NOT participate in Holy Communion without having cleansed my soul first. To my chagrin, I have not been to Mass, Confession or Holy Communion since my mother’s funeral a little over a year ago. I have strayed from the teachings of my youth multiple times and I have done a considerable amount of maturing. I am thankful and grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to mature in wisdom and in life, through Him. I know my responsibilities and He hasn’t let me down; I’ve let Him down.

I hope to NEVER be included with such wastes of skin as the aforementioned pseudo-Catholics, in their actions or deeds. For such people to continue to claim Catholicism while giving in to secular values and the culture of death is abhorrent and I think this priest is SPOT ON TARGET. To claim, well times change is NO EXCUSE–times may change; God and His teachings and His values are eternal and unchanging.

Now, the post from Spree:

As usual, I follow the links that I find in my email, this particular email came to me from Political Pistachio, so, I followed the links, then started a few searches and lo and behold, a letter from a San Francisco Priest telling Nancy Pelosi that she should stop calling herself a catholic, that her record belies high moral standards, she should not receive Eucharist when she attends mass and compares her to Nazi’s as well as telling her, in their view she is Pro-Death..


Harsh words from a priest.

Do you think I exaggerate?

Here is the PDF of the letter and below is the letter in full.

Fr. John Malloy, pastor of Saints Peter and Paul Church in San Francisco, penned this “Open letter to Nancy Pelosi,” which was recently published in the parish bulletin.

Nancy, you are fooling yourself and I fear fooling many good Catholics. You are simply not in sync with the Catholic Church. Until you change your non-Catholic positions, you should stop calling yourself Catholic. Your record shows that you support embryonic stem cell research, Planned Parenthood, contraception, family planning funding, allowing minors to have an abortion without parental consent, and are against making it a crime to harm a fetus, etc. etc.

The fact that you favor married priests and women priests certainly would not classify you as conservative, but your answer to the question are you a conservative Catholic was:

“I think so. I was raised in a very strict upbringing in a Catholic home where we respected people, were observant, were practicing Catholics, and that the fundamental belief was that God gave us all a free will, and we were accountable for that, each of us. Each person had that accountability, so it wasn’t for us to make judgments about how people saw their responsibility and that it wasn’t for politicians to make decisions about how people led their personal lives; certainly, to a high moral standards, but when it got into decisions about privacy and all the rest, then that was something that individuals had to answer to God for, and not to politicians.

”That sounds fair and tolerant, but your record belies high moral standards.

The NARL rates you 100% pro-abortion. Your statement: “To me it isn’t even a question. God has given us a free will. We’re all responsible for our actions. If you don’t want an abortion, you don’t believe in it, [then] don’t have one. But don’t tell somebody else what they can do in terms of honoring their responsibilities. My family is very pro-life. They’re not fanatics and they’re not activists. I think they’d like it if I were not so vocally pro-choice.”

Do we not elect politicians to make laws that help people honor their responsibilities, such as protecting life itself? Can politicians not tell someone else not to kill? If you can kill a baby in the womb, Nancy, why not outside of it? Oh wait, you are in favor of partial birth abortion, so-called because the baby sticks out of the “mother” about halfway, while the “doctor” sucks out the baby’s brain. That seems comparable to the choice the Nazis made killing six million Jews.

Yes, Nancy, we (together with your pro-life family) would all like it if you were not so vocally pro-choice, i.e. pro-death. Until your choice is in line with Catholic doctrine, please, Nancy, do not receive the Eucharist when you attend Mass.

Rev. John Malloy,
SDBSan Francisco, CA

Ouch, gotta hurt when your own proclaimed religion, doesn’t even want you because your claims do not match your actions.

For those that would say the Priest overstated what Partial Birth Abortion is, take a look for yourself and see if the Priest is right? (Pictures of the process are at that link)

You can also link to a former post of mine called THIS is Partial Birth Abortion here. Fair warning to the faint hearted–my post is EXTREMELY graphic in showing exactly what this form of murder does to children.