I have a dream

Today IS a day set aside to celebrate the work of Martin Luther King Jr, and I can’t help but wonder what he would think of Obama. Obama is a man who screamed “racist” long and loud during his road to the White House, if anyone dared to mention that he may be black. Obama is NOT black, but now sees fit to wrap himself in the mantle of injustices done to all black men. Yes, America does have a sorry history in her treatment of blacks, but from where I sit, being black has not held back many, many blacks from achieving their highest, most noble goals. For many, their ascendancy to positions of influence – where they have made a lasting difference to their communities and their country – has been because of their own dreams, efforts, and hard work.

Never mind that many people elected Obama because of the colour of his skin, (ultimately aided and abetted by the msm, of course.) Am I the only one who finds that more than ironic? From where I sit, it is irrelevant what colour Obama’s skin may be. As the resident of the White House, surely what matters the most is his dedication to his country, his ability to unite all Americans in the common goal towards maintaining the US Constitution.

In his soaring rhetoric, Obama carefully appealed to those dissatisfied Americans looking for someone else to blame for the flaws, deficiencies, in their own lives. On the most basic, obvious level, can we say “bailout”? At a time when gazillion dollars are being handed over as a reward to failed business models, and California is unable to pay to the elderly citizens of that state even the baic living needs that they paid into, Obama’s inauguration is set to be the most expensive, lavish, in US history. Never mind that when President George W. Bush held his $40 million inauguruation celebrations, Obama’s own party screamed “excess.” Guess times have really changed, but that is not ‘change’ I can believe in….

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