Oh, Canada!

$290million and no change!
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Canada’s third election in four years is over – except for the weeping and wailing. The “winners” have been congratulated and the “losers” have given gracious concession speeches (sometimes!)

Really, though, the BIG loser from this election is Canada. Despite over $290 million spent on this 40th election – that saw the 10th minority government in Canada’s history elected – voter turnout was the lowest in the nation’s history. That is a sad commentary. Of course, many streeter interviews were conducted with “average” Canadians as to why they didn’t vote, and the prevailing reason seemed to be: “Why bother?” Why, indeed. Stephen Harper and his Conservatives had been waging a negative ad campaign on a newly-minted leader, Stephane Dion of the Liberal party, from the moment he was chosen as leader, way before any election was called. …

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