Justice for Princess

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We all wonder what is the results of weak parenting and PC madness. We see children who should have a conscience turn into monsters due to the above. I thought I had heard or read every imaginable profanity that these monsters could do. I have heard of girls throwing their children into the trash, cooking them in the microwave to get back the child’s father, shooting paintballs at unsuspecting bystanders, but the following is one of the worst I’ve read.

Imagine you and your family going away on vacation during Christmas. Perhaps you are visiting family or the whole clan is having a special family reunion at a resort. You have had a wonderful holiday and return home to discover this.

5 hooligans break into your home. They punch holes in the walls, guitars were smashed, and a television was destroyed. The rampage lasted 2 nights. The group had a great time. $10,000 in damages were done. But these monsters didn’t just do this. They had the audacity to go one step further.

But the most disturbing crime was described in a felt-pen scrawl on the kitchen window and cabinets: “You had a nice cat” and “it’s in the microwave.”

Inside was the family’s pet, Princess.

The cat was screaming in the microwave for 10 minutes while it was essentially cooked to death,” said Crown prosecutor John Laluk.

What makes it worse is they not only tortured the cat, but they wanted to torture the family. This was a deliberate attempt to inflict pain on the homeowners.

These monsters really knew how to party. And what did the nice people in Alberta do to these monsters?

Two 16-year-old Alberta boys who admitted to breaking into a neighbour’s house, putting the family cat in a microwave and then watching it cook to death have been sentenced to one year of probation and 100 hours of community service.

Youth court Judge Shauna Miller also banned the pair from owning pets for two years, which means one of the teen’s family will have to give up a dog they purchased just 10 months ago.

A slap on the wrist. Why not send them to bed without their dinner? And what do the parents say? Do they hold their heads in shame and weep for what their sons did? No.

Chris Millsap, the other defense lawyer, described his client as a gifted musician who plays in the church band.

“There’s no explanation … for such a heinous crime,” said Mr. Millsap. “He’s a very good kid who did something very wrong.”

Wrong again! Good kids don’t do these things. Animals do.

These monsters got off, they said their sorry and the judge let them go. But the owners of Princess will mourn their kitty’s loss forever. And justice. Well she was no where in sight today. Maybe tomorrow, but not as long as PC rules the day.