Express Support for BiBi

United For Israel has initiated an email campaign in support of Israel’s Prime Minister. This presents us with an opportunity to let Benjamin Netanyahu know that, despite the anti-Israeli stance of the Obama Administration and mass media, a significant number of Americans reject the so called two state solution. The text of their missive follows.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,

I want you to know that along with millions of other Americans I am strongly opposed to the Saudi Road Map, and the arbitrary introduction of a terrorist anti-Jewish/Christian (dhimmi) Palestinian state within the heartland of Israel.

Not only would such an entity endanger Israel, but it would advance the front-line of radical Islamic ideology, making the United States and eventually all of western civilization more vulnerable to a global Islamic caliphate.

There are a multitude of other reasons for this conclusion, not least of which is that such an entity would further destabilize the Middle East – economically, educationally, militarily and politically (since the PA leadership is controlled by Hamas and Fatah terrorist organizations). Moreover, such an entity should not emerge without a wise and responsible leadership that would recognize Israel as a Jewish state. There are other non-threatening alternatives being advanced that can be implemented.

If radical elements could be dispersed throughout the Arab world, instead of concentrated in one area such as happened in Gaza, they would be less of a security risk to their neighbors and to other nations of the world, Arab and non-Arab alike.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, I again want to stress that you have a huge following of Americans who hope you will remain strong in defense of an undivided Israel. We are with you l00% and will stand with you as you stand for Israel`s safety and security.


As usual, I will make a few minor edits before sending that email because my own views are somewhat more radical than those of UFI. I realize that they are building a contact list for fund raising. I can’t send them money, but I can spread the word, and I appreciate the informative emails they send. I hope that many of my readers will see fit to join in this email campaign by clicking this link to send an email to BiBi, President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton and 25 members of the Knesset. .

The Saudi Plan & Road Map have this in common: they demand that Israel cede territory in return for empty promises. Ceding land is permanent, promises are transient. Muslims do not negotiate in good faith; they never performed their commitments undertaken at Oslo or any subsequent negotiation. They will never be satisfied with any area of land less than the entire world. Aggression & terrorism should be punished, not rewarded.