Obama-Kennedy Health Plan: HELL NO!

Norman Hooben calls it “Mass Casualty”.. Phyllis Schlafly, whose article he cross posted, calls it ” A Model Not To Copy“. It is the Massachusetts Plan, the model for Obama-Negligence. A few key points about the Massachusetts Plan:

  • increased costs
  • wasted tax revenues
  • limited patients’ choice
  • caused shortages & waiting lists
  • increased insurance premiums at nearly double the national rate.

Now is the time to click the link above and read that most informative article. Afterwards, you should visit http://www.congress.org to send emails to your Representative & Senators. Tell them to vote HELL NO!!! on Obama-Negligence.

Wise men learn from the mistakes of others. If you are wise you will disrespectfully demand rejection of socialized health care schemes and reject Mitt Romney as a candidate for the Presidency in ’12.