Obama Gets The Coal Shoulder

(Cross-posted from America Needs Me )

It should be apparent to everyone by now why the MSM never asked Barack Obama any real questions during the campaign. Whenever Obama speaks freely, he comes up with gems like “spread the wealth” and offers forth plans to bankrupt an industry. Face it, the guy is an absolute train wreck unless there is a speech writer’s hand up his ass controlling the puppet show.

The newspaper industry has been sheltering Obama more than any other branch of the MSM because it desperately needs him to win and financially rape the taxpayer for a bailout of their own. The San Francisco Chronicle says today that the transcript of the interview with the Benevolent Leader has been in the public domain all this time, which is true. What the paper doesn’t mention is why the interview didn’t receive the kind of fanfare that every other breath from Sarah Palin gets. Here we have a candidate for president talking about his plans to fundamentally alter an industry and affect the livelihoods of tens of thousands of Americans and it gets swept under the carpet so the paper could get to the serious journalism about Gov. Palin’s wardrobe or chronic whining about her availability to the press. (Quick aside: I searched the site for a similar ongoing series of articles about why that barking moron Joe Biden has been kept in a kennel recently but found none.) Obviously, the socialist shakedown of an entire industry pales in comparison to the price of Sarah Palin’s pumps or the nefarious reasons behind why she wouldn’t want to speak to a group of drooling cretins who lie about her with every word they write.

Honestly, these people are so awful at what they do I don’t think even the Obamafuhrer is going to be able to prop them up. If elected, he won’t need them any more. He’s already got a well-oiled left wing blogosphere and hoards of glassy-eyed young people to walk the street and chant for him. He’ll use the government money for better things, like paying for UN shopping sprees. The print press will be sniffing around in the alley, begging for scraps of attention from His Benevolence.

Enough about them.

This is the other reason the press had to keep Obama’s more revealing quotes in the “public domain” closet, available only to those who looked real hard.

You can’t tell the bitter clingers that you despise them and want to put them out of work without some kind of backlash.

It’s evident that this campaign has been pandering in states like Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Indiana and Pennsylvania to attempt to generate votes from coal supporters, while keeping his true agenda hidden from the state’s voters.

It tends to open eyes.

Senator Obama has revealed himself to be nothing more than a short- sighted, inexperienced politician willing to say anything to get a vote. But today, the nation’s coal industry and those who support it have a better understanding of his true mission, to ‘bankrupt’ our industry, put tens of thousands out of work and cause unprecedented increases in electricity prices.

I don’t know how many votes this will sway in some crucial parts of the country but it definitely will have an effect.

We’ll all probably be too busy reading about the hidden implications of the color of Sarah Palin’s blazer at her final campaign appearance to find out anything else.