Tell President Obama to Demand Real Peace

The Unity Coalition for Israel is engaged in an email campaign for the purpose of exhorting President Obama to abandon his plan for selling Israel down the creek in his address to Islam at Cairo this Thursday. The emails will be sent to President Obama with copies to his cabinet officers and a summary of the cumulative results will be sent to Prime Minister Netanyahu and “other key leaders in the US Senate and Israeli Knesset” Here is the text of the form letter.

Dear President Obama,

In preparation for your speech to the Arab world on Thursday, June 4th, I urgently request that you incorporate the following basic tenants for two peoples, Jews and Palestinian Arabs, to live side by side in a sustainable peace.

There can be no progress toward peace unless we first understand the underlying motivation for the current impasse. Looking for a solution is only lip service if facts on the ground are not conducive to amiable relations.

There can be no peaceful solution to the Middle East conflict unless…

1 …President Ahmadinejad no longer calls for the annihilation of neighboring Israel, threatening to “wipe it off the map,” and stops acquiring nuclear capacity to do so. The latest reports indicate that Iran will be capable of delivering a nuclear device before the end of 2009.

2 …The Palestinian Authority stops using international money for arms, terrorist training and deadly attacks while neglecting the living conditions and social infrastructure of its people.

3 …The United Nations` UNRWA resettles the refugees instead of keeping them impoverished in camps which serve as breeding grounds for terrorism.

4 …The Palestinians and the Arab League actually change their textbooks which show maps without reference to Israel and are filled with hate-mongering that inspires genocide. For as long as young children are trained to hate the other society – enough to surrender their lives as human bombs, there can be no peaceful solution!

5 …The Palestinians and the Arab League change their legal documents such as the PLO (Fatah) and Hamas Charters that call for the extermination of Israel.

6 …The Palestinians and the Arab League change their media to embrace a peaceful perspective and cease hateful distortions depicting their neighbor as “the enemy.”

7 …The Palestinians and the Arab League recall all maps, flags and uniform patches displaying a State of Palestine erasing the State of Israel.

8 …The Palestinians and the Arab League officially recognize Israel as a sovereign Jewish democratic State – in both English and in Arabic.

There can be no peace when the Palestinians and the Arab League demonize their partner in peace.

These most basic changes must actually be implemented before we hear more platitudes blaming Israel. The Arab League must work with the Palestinians to remove these true obstacles.

Mr. President, I submit that these 8 points are the “real obstacles to peace.”

Those who read my blog posts understand that those eight points are insufficient to establish peace because the mandate for Israel’s destruction is established in the Qur’an, exemplified in hadith and codified in Sharia. While there is Islam, there will be no peace. I therefore edited the text of the email, adding two it the urls of three relevant blog posts.

Yes, I know, its too late now to influence President Obama’s speech. But we may educate some key Congressmen, and that will be worth the effort. I received a response from one Congressman after sending another UCI email, so I know that these campaigns are on the level. If nothing else, the thought of the taste of bitter gall rising in the throat of whatever White House staffer is condemned to read my email makes the effort worthwhile.

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