Soldier’s Family Tragedy: Children Die on Way to Visit Him In Hospital

I don’t ordinarily write about the individual sacrifices of our troops because each and every one gives so very much, but this story is heartwrenchingly tragic.

Army Spc. John Austin Johnson seemed to be living with the “luck of the Irish”. In two years in Iraq, the man survived five–yes, FIVE IED and several hand grenade attacks. However, each took their toll in concussion and head trauma, accumulating the effects. The last attack left him with severe brain trauma. He is at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, and he was waiting eagerly to see his family this past weekend.

The children never arrived. The family was caught in a freak wind gust. Mrs. Johnson, driving a Trailblazer, steered and over-corrected and the car flipped about 4 times. The two younger children died and the oldest child is on life support. Mrs. Johnson was badly bruised.

They have received an extreme outpouring of help and support. At this time, they aren’t speaking publicly about the tragedy. The oldest child wasn’t expected to make it through Friday night, but so far has clung to life, despite failing kidneys and severe head injuries.

Soldier’s Angels is one of the groups helping this family. I urge everyone to keep this family in their prayers and, if you are able to help in any way contact Soldier’s Angels or one of the other agencies listed in the original article here.

They need a lot of prayers and love to recover from this tragedy, and of course, they never will fully recover. Keep them close in your hearts.

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