"Muslims" Urged To Evacuate DC and NYC…Again

Snooper says spread far and wide–what Snooper wants, Snooper gets!


Where oh where have we heard this garbage before? Is this not further indications that the “war is lost”? Al Qaeda has met its Victor and that Victor is none other than the United States Military. We have crushed you. We have trampled you under our boots. Al Qaeda? Thy name is Loser…with a very large “L”.

We will embed that large “L” into your foreheads for the world to see, laugh upon and scorn you for your murderous and blood-lust thirst for hate. Damn you and your Islam to hell and gone.

“Dirty bomb” Anytown, USA if you will or, if you can, and “The Great Satan” will seek vengeance of which the world has never known heretofore. You will reap the whirlwind and your kind will cease to exist. Your Ragged Heads will burn in hell along with your allah. Some allah you have there, fellas. Any allah that sanctions indiscriminate murder of the innocents, namely, women and children, non-combatants, is no allah at all. Who is the real “Great Satan”, Moe? Your allah is Lucifer himself…Beelzebub…Split Foot.

I spit upon the ground at the very thought of Islam. You, Al Qaeda, and others like you are lower than the ground I trod upon. I wave at you with both hands and both feet. Screw you and your allah.

Lest I forget, HTs to Humbled Infidel and A Soldier’s Perspective.

Notice to our readers and subscribers…feel free to spread this far and wide. The microwave mentality of our citizens needs to be buried in a dark cave and never too be released again.

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