You BET I’m Prejudiced–ESPECIALLY Against the Cult of Barack Hussein Obama!

Lately, I’ve been called a lot of things–racist, war monger, hater–you know the routine. I’ve also been consigned to hell and asked if I’m so angry because I’ve never had a boyfriend (which is hilarious considering I have three children and four grandchildren). But then, what do expect from brain dead lefties and moonbats who can’t formulate coherent thoughts?

What could possibly cause this kind of teenage angst?

I have dared to criticize Barack Hussein Obama. I have dared to ask for clarification on several issues, not least of which is his allegiance to this country and its citizens, particularly in light of his disgraceful and disrespectful conduct regarding our most beloved symbol, our flag.

I have asked for clarification on his position on islam, particularly in light of the fact he was born muslim. For those who don’t know, islam is a once in, never out religion. Because his abusive mother chose to conceive him by a muslim, he is muslim. That is the tenet stated in the koran. He had no choice in it; he has no choice now. He is muslim. He can proclaim he’s Christian all he wants (which by the way marks him as apostate/infidel in islam and is now a marked man)–yet he belongs to a black supremacist Church currently under IRS investigation for mixing politics and religion. It is a completely afro-centric church which gives its allegiance to Africa first. It honors such muslims as Louis Farrakhan. It is not all inclusive of those who wish to join–you have to be black and be centered on Africa first. It’s as Christian a “church” as the Westboro Baptist Church–just the black version. Goes back to his allegiance to America. And, he can still pray the muslim prayers and thinks they’re beautiful. Here’s a blurb from the 2007 interview with Nicholas Kristof (hat tip Stop the ACLU!):

Mr. Obama recalled the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer, reciting them with a first-rate accent. In a remark that seemed delightfully uncalculated (it’ll give Alabama voters heart attacks), Mr. Obama described the call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”

Here’s what the call to prayer means:

“Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the Greatest. Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the Greatest. I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but Allah. I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but Allah. I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. Hasten to the Prayer, hasten to the Prayer. Hasten to real success, hasten to real success. Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the Greatest. There is none worthy of worship but Allah.”

Interestingly, there is an accompanying picture of Barack Hussein Obama with his Kenyan grandmother Sarah Hussein Obama at that link as well. What’s so interesting is the picture is labeled as being Madelyn Dunham–his WHITE grandmother.

I have questioned his position regarding American sovereignty. This is in light of his co-sponsorship of HR 1302 and HR 3605, in which he pushes for globalisation to further weaken America.

I have dared to question his ongoing relationship with two people of the Weather Underground, William Ayers and Bernardine Dorhn. Barack Hussein Obama–as an attorney–is an officer of the court and he is friends with known criminals. The only reason these bombers (proud, unrepentant, no-remorse bombers at that) aren’t in prison is there was a legal, FBI technicality. The fact Ayers and Dorhn are now university professors does not excuse the fact they are domestic terrorists, admittedly so, and Barack Hussein Obama has long-standing ties with them.

I question his childish idea of foreign policy. Any person with any portion of a brain knows al Qaida is in Iraq and has been since at least 1993. It has been shown through several sources, but of course most prominently through documents obtained in Tikrit and translated appropriately. Yet not only does this person seem to think al Qaida ISN’T in Iraq, he further believes deploying troops in and out at his whim is much like packing for a picnic and not the logistical nightmare it is. Further, he thinks John McCain invaded Iraq. If the “original OIF was wrong” according to him, why would a return trip to theater be right later? Other than this ridiculous idea of foreign policy (and let’s not forget he wants to bomb allies), what is his stance on terrorism and the islam horde proclaiming a worldwide caliphate at all costs?

Hillary would answer the red phone, McCain would actually act on the urgency–Barack Hussein Obama would probably let the machine get it, roll over and go back to sleep.

He wants to talk to despots and tyrants. He thinks they’re all into his huggy, touchy feeling idea of diplomacy. They are not. Ahmadinejad hangs gays. Fidel Castro populated a good chunk of south Florida with his policies. Vladimir Putin will eat Barack Hussein Obama for lunch–and smile picking his teeth with the leftover bones. He hasn’t bothered to keep up to date on what’s going on with NATO because he’s been too busy running his campaign (during his one year term as chairman on the European Affairs subcommittee of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee). Yet he castigates NATO when he has no idea of the current issues.

I’m prejudiced against those who hate our military and have decided they know more about how to fight a war than those actually in theater. Those who side with in treasonous ads such as the Betrayus ad (and Barack Hussein Obama did side with that ad).

He believes in taking all your money to give it to those who refuse to get off their lazy asses and get a job. In actuality, welfare needs to reform and tighten itself up, forcing the generational entitlement attitude into the realms of antiquity.

I get irritated when people try to take my guns away–the better to control the populace–in violation of my Second Amendment right. Such people, stripped of their rights to arms and using those arms as need be, are called slaves–to the government whim.

I become incensed when he wants to take my money and give it to illegals. I get incensed when he states he won’t do anything to secure our borders (goes back to the sovereignty issue). I want the mandated fence built and if the government won’t do it, it will be up to the citizens to do so.

I become completely enraged at someone who won’t protect the rights of the unborn. Freedom of choice my ass, I’m sure the millions of aborted children would choose to live. Particularly those just days from being born, who are completely viable–yet he sees no problem with stabbing them at the base of the skull, widening the wound and sucking their brains out. It’s called partial birth abortion and he’s all for it. He LIKES killing babies in the name of choice–never mind he’s allowing the destruction of yet another generation. And does he plan on using MY money to continue funding Planned Parenthood and other organizations of its ilk? Wonder what his stand on euthanasia is and how will he feel when his daughters feel he and his wife are too old to be productive and need to be put down?

So overall, yeah, I am prejudiced. Damned prejudiced at this fallacious empty suit who thinks he has enough experience to run this country when he doesn’t have a clue, when he wants to sell the country down the river, who has a wife who speaks “Orwell” speak and has never been proud of the country she wants to co-rule over like Trailer Trash Hillary (and more of a racist than Barack Hussein Obama, just not as good at hiding it). And someone who didn’t keep their word and at least complete one term as a senator.

He has voted “present” more than he’s voted yeah or nay–what the hell kind of record is that? Honorable? No. Chickenshit and indecisive, ball-less, yellow bellied and brainless. I am prejudiced against black supremacists who pull the racist card at the drop of a hat and declare parts of their lives off limits while attacking anyone and everyone who dares disagree with him.

How about all the times he’s actually voted but then said he pushed the “wrong” button–if he’s pushing the “wrong” button in session, who’s to say he’ll be capable of pushing the “right” button when necessary? He and I were born the same year and I know I’m already in bi-focals–maybe he needs his eyes checked to make sure he’s pushing the “right” button in his senatorial votes? After all, we know HE’S got the best health care, right?

I’m prejudiced against someone who speaks well and thinks he’s the messiah (watch his body language), someone who has fashioned himself as a cult leader and revels in the description. And I’m prejudiced against his camp whores and cult followers who don’t have the brains or balls to do any serious questioning of him themselves, castigating those of us who do see through the smoke and mirrors. Guess they’re too worried about losing their “hoped for changes” in their gu’mnt handouts. Hitler, Castro, Mao, Stalin, Kruschev–they were all gifted speakers as well. The world is still recovering from their “charisma” and “soaring oratory”.

After all, freebies at the taxpayer expense is what he’s promising. Who do you think is going to pay for his largesse? How about all the pork? Only one place to get it and that’s taxpayers, people. You and me. Well–you if you’re working. I know I’m working. But then if you’re not a taxpayer, you’re the one benefitting from my work, aren’t you?

Barack Hussein Obama is a racist of the worst kind–and so is his wife. They hide behind they’re pretty rhetoric and don’t have the courage to answer questions. They don’t have the guts to answer honestly when caught in their lies or their missteps, verbal and otherwise (REZKO anyone?). They are not in the least bit trustworthy. They hate America and all it stands for. Where is their condemnation of Code Pink and the Berkley issue if they’re so patriotic? Don’t they have the guts to do something different, to separate themselves from the pack of moonbats, and condemn those who protest the very people who fight for them? No, they don’t–they side with Code Pink (the SAME Code Pink by the way who called for MARINE help while they were protesting the Marines!).

I’m prejudiced against racists, socialists, communists, those who undermine our country, those who want to deviate completely from our constitution and bill of rights. I’m prejudiced against idiots who can’t read, who bury their heads in the sand, who can’t address a post, who have no concept of asking a substantive question and who are just plain stupid and aren’t afraid to let their rampant stupidity show.

Damn right I’m prejudiced. And feel free to send this post to Barack Hussein Obama (since others have been sent to him). I do still have a First Amendment right to free speech–at least until the socialists try to get the Fairness Doctrine enacted again to shut up their critics.

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