Prevent Censorship!

The Media Resource Center and allied organizations are seeking endorsement of their petition to Congress in opposition to the the ‘Fairness Doctrine’ and similar censorship plans proposed to silence Conservative talk radio. Reid, Pelosi, Schumer & their ilk are eager to silence voices of reason & common sense such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity & Mark Levin.

Whether they act through direct legislation, FCC rules & regulations; the ‘Fairness Doctrine’ or ‘Local Advisory Councils’, they will move to censor Conservative voices unless we make it known to them that their careers will be severely impaired as a direct consequence of their support for censorship schemes.

Click this link to sign the petition:

Here is the text of the petition:

I am signing this petition to urge members of Congress and government officials to reject any and all efforts to censor, limit, or restrain the right of conservatives to participate freely in the marketplace of ideas through the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” or other similar efforts.

Additionally, I am joining with other American citizens who want their individual Free Speech Rights defended and protected from government intrusion! Our great nation was built upon free and open discourse, and to remain a great nation this ideal must be protected and preserved at all costs.

Please note that I will be watching closely and taking action when necessary to directly combat the liberal bias of the media.

It won’t hurt to copy the text of the petition and paste it into an email to your Representative and Senators. You can send those three emails very easily at .

Either we rise up and raise Hell now or in the next election cycle, the only loud voices heard will belong to the Socialists and their media allies; our side will be entirely silenced.

Do you need more information? The MRC has links in their left sidebar. Do you need more arguments? You’ll find them here: Shibboleth: ‘Public Airwaves’ and here: The Fairness Doctrine. See also: Fairness Doctrine Watch: A “progressive” attack on talk radio and Fairness Doctrine Me Arse! .

The Unfairness Doctrine does not have a monopoly on censorship. At the United Nations, the Organization of the Islamic Conference is attempting to ram through the latest version of their Combating Defamation of Religions Resolution. The proposed resolution, expected to come up for a vote between December 18 & 22, calls for national and international laws to censor criticism of Islam. Here is my latest post about the resolution: Defamation of Religions Resolution Revised.

Only 53,209 have signed the ACLJ petition against the UN Defamation Resolution. Now is the time for you to add your endorsement! Why not send an email to your Representative & Senators demanding withholding of foreign aid & MFN status from any and all nations voting for the resolution or abstaining? No guts, no liberties!

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