Does my baby not have the right to be protected? Does he not have the right to life?

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Imagine yourself a young mother with a one-year old child. Imagine that you have only 15 seconds from when the warning is sounded to get to safety or you and/or your child will be injured or killed. This is the reality for those mothers who live in Sderot. Mothers like
Dena Cohen.

With her baby in her hands, Sderot mother Dena Cohen has only 15 seconds to dash to safety when she hears the warning siren of an impending rocket attack ring out across her hometown of Sderot.

On Thursday, she was the first resident of that city to address the United Nation’s Human Rights Council and to give them an intimate portrait of what it was like to live under the constant rocket threat from the Palestinians in neighboring Gaza.

She spoke on the same day that Archbishop Desmond Tutu addressed the council and condemned Israel’s 2006 shelling of the Palestinian
village of Beit Hanoun, in which 19 civilians were killed.

“All human life is equal and all innocent suffering is tragic,” said Cohen. But, she told the Council, it should also understand what it is live on the Israeli side of the border, knowing that a rocket could fall at any time.

Cohen, 22, who has a one-year-old son, said, “Every night, before falling asleep, I face the same dilemma. What will happen if a rocket falls on my son’s room?”

“We have fifteen seconds between the alarm and the explosion. Fifteen seconds to run to the closest shelter. In which direction to go? How to react?” she asked.

During the winter, she said, a rocket fell near their home, shattering the windows.

Eight-year-old Osher Twito, who lost one of his legs in a Kassam attack.
Photo: Ariel Jerozolimski

A shard from that rocket injured their eight-year old neighbor, Osher Twito, who lost his leg as a result. His eighteen-year-old brother was also seriously wounded, Cohen told the Council.

“I will never forget their cries. Every time the alarm sounds, I know that this situation can happen again, or even end more tragically,” Cohen said.

Sderot, she said, is a city in shock. At any moment an alarm can sound that would send its 20,000 residents racing for cover.

Since Israel withdrew from Gaza, the Palestinians there have launched thousands of rockets in the direction of the south, she said.

I would like to ask: Does my baby not have the right to be protected? Does he not have the right to life?” said Cohen.

The Council is dominated by Muslim nations and has been widely cited for frequently and heavily criticizing Israel while virtually ignoring rights problems elsewhere in the world.

Tutu tried to strike a balanced tone Thursday when he said that the council should look at suffering of both Israelis and Palestinians.

But he also said in compiling a report on Israeli-Palestinian violence for the council that he had been struck by the lack of international concern for Palestinians.

“The international community is failing to fulfill its role in respect of the suffering of the people of Gaza,” he said.

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Desmond Tutu should go back to South Africa and look to the injustice and discrimination in his own land. His place is there. It is well known to the world that Desmond Tutu, like so many Africans is an anti-Semite and would love to see every Jew in the world killed. Heck he would love to be doing the killing.

Dena Cohen doesn’t have the world’s media on her side. They side with those who are trying to kill her and her son. Those who wish, like Desmond Tutu and Barack Hussein Obama, to finish the job that Hitler started. No one cares about Dena Cohen in this world.

In other news from Sderot:

Rocket fire from Gaza breaks ceasefire again
By Spencer Ho

A Qassam missile fired by terrorists in Gaza struck just outside of a residential neighborhood in the west end of Sderot, causing a small brush fire at a construction site.

No injuries were reported.

This was the first incident of Qassam fire in the western Negev since terrorists fired two Qassams Aug. 25, after which Defense Minister Ehud Barak closed crossings between Gaza and Israel, except for humanitarian purposes, for nearly two days.

View video here

The cease-fire is over it seems. As if the rockets ever stopped. More and more Israelis will be running for cover. Code Red will sound and they will have only 15 seconds to get to safety. How many more Osher Twitos will there be? How many more mothers will grieve over their sons and daughters? How long do the people of Sderot and the Western Negev have to live through this horror.

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