Memo to Obama 2

A reader sent this to me. Full disclosure: In its first version that Carol forwarded to me, this did have someone else’s name on it, with instructions to share it everywhere. I asked Carol to verify, and confirm that I could use it. Unable to find the original writer, Carol told me that this writer articulates exactly what she believes. So she adjusted, and added to it, to mirror her own firmly held views. She is not alone as I have heard many echo these concerns. Read on:

My name is Carol Bishop. I am a 50 year old conservative white female. I have followed your campaign closely, including the speeches you and others made at the democratic national convention.

I am respectfully providing you with seven simple (probably shallow) reasons why I could never vote for you. I believe my opinion is shared by many people. While there may not be quite enough to prevent you from becoming president of this nation, I do think there is an awakening to the fact that you are not a (the) messiah that the media and liberal Hollywood entertainers are trying to portray you.

1. I hear your mantra of change, change, change. Yet, you picked a long term, liberal, Washington insider (Joe Biden) to be your running mate. This is NOT change. It is a move that hypocritically refutes the
very thing you supposedly stand for. Your campaign then slammed McCain for picking Sarah Palin, apparently, because she is NOT a Washington insider. She is a maverick who cleaned-up Alaska ‘s quagmire of political scandals. Which way is it, Barack? Is it okay for you to pick a Washington insider under the mantra of “change”, but not okay for John McCain to pick a smart, aggressive, reformer?

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