Another result of accepting Shar’ia Law

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For over 2 weeks now Shar’ia Law has been incorporated into the British legal system. This was done to appease their Muslim minority. The government officials stated that this would not impact on the average Brit. Yet just looking at this report now, we can see the effect of caving into the wishes of the minority, and the impact on the majority.

Muslims try to get alcohol banned at Tesco

Bedford Today, UK September 25 2008
By Sally-Anne Johnson

Petitions handed in as licence hearing looms

More than 150 people have signed petitions imploring Luton Borough Council to deny the new Tesco Express in Bury Park an alcohol licence.

The bid from the supermarket giant has upset Muslims living in the area, some of whom say they find the idea of alcohol being sold offensive.

Next Tuesday councillors will make a decision on the application, which, if successful, would see the store permitted to sell alcohol from 6am until 11pm every day (…)

And what would happen if they did this all over Great Britain? How long will it be until the Muslim minority will close the pubs? Demand women to wear the hajib? Force the full Dhimmitude on the majority? How long would it be until the average Brit would take to the streets and riot?

This is why we in the United States must resist all attempts to incorporate Shar’ia Law into any aspect of our legal system. This is why each and every time groups like CAIR try to force employers and communities into giving special treatment to Muslims, we must oppose it forcefully and with all our means possible.

We must remind our Representatives that:

Shar’ia Law isn’t compatible with the US Constitution!
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